An evening of fragrant cocktails and canapés at Slink & Bardot

If you’ve dined at Slink & Bardot, you know that the adorable, dim-lit restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening. And now, they’ve introduced an exciting addition to their menu; a real treat for the senses. Quite literally speaking.

Chef Alexis, Slink & Bardot – Monkeying Around with Bombay Perfumery

The French restaurant brings you a fragrant experience in association with Bombay Perfumery and Monkey 47, unlike anything we’ve tried before. The special menu curated by Chef Alexis Gielbaum is inspired by the aromatic scents and paired with delicious cocktails having a dash (and more) of Monkey 47 gin. The effect of these combinations on the palate is something you must have a go at to really know.

Calicut paired with Juniper glazed Parsnip, Mango, Pine Nuts & Onion Jus Canape

First, we tried a cocktail of Monkey 47, Smoked Honey, Juniper, Mulberry and Black Pepper, which is inspired by the heady Calicut fragrance. If you like to start your evening on a high and heady note, this is the one you opt for. It is paired with a sweet Juniper glazed Parsnip, Mango, Pine Nuts and Onion Jus Canapé.

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Chai Musk paired with Tomme Cheese & Fip Canape

Inspired by the Chai Musk fragrance, the Monkey 47, Cucumber, Mint and Lavender Bitters cocktail is refreshing at best. A long day of work beckons for one of these. Paired with a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth Tomme Cheese & Fig Canapé, this makes an invigorating combination.

Sulawesi paired with Peated Whiskey soaked Prunes & Bacon
Chai Musk paired with Tomme Cheese & Fip Canape

The third pairing offers a cocktail of Monkey 47, Maple Cinnamon, Asafoetida, Lime and Egg Whites, inspired by the Sulawesi fragrance. These were our favourite canapés from the lot: Peated Whiskey soaked Prunes & Bacon Canapé. It tastes as wholesome as it sounds.

1020 paired with Glazed Balsamic Pineapple & Kaffir Lime Canape

One more for those who like a strong sip; the 1020 fragrance inspired Monkey 47, Thai Syrup, Gooseberry, Tamarind and Peychaud’s Bitters cocktail is not for the faint palate. It washes down delightfully with the Glazed Balsamic Pineapple & Kaffir Lime Canapé. The pineapple was the winner in this combination with its unique preparation and flavour.

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Seven Islands paired with Banana & Money 47 Ice Cream with Crispy Orange Zest Canape

Dessert has a sweet spot in our books, and here too, it takes the prize. The winner of the evening, inspired by the Seven Islands fragrance is showcased through the Monkey 47, Sweet Lime, Chocolate and Sparkling Wine cocktail paired with a Banana & Money 47 Ice Cream with Crispy Orange Zest Canapé. The crunchy zest was unlike anything we’ve had so far and combined with the decadent ice cream, it made for the most exquisite combination. This is a must-try from their menu.

Sounds inviting? Well, you better head over soon because this fragrant experience is on for two weeks only. A round of flavourful cocktails or just a decadent gin-laced dessert to end your night awaits you at Slink & Bardot.

Date: Ongoing
Time: 7 pm – 1 am

Venue: Slink & Bardot,
Thadani House 329/A, Opposite Indian Coast Guard Worli Village, Mumbai

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