Ananya Birla launches luxury e-commerce platform – Curocarte

The young entrepreneur Ananya Birla is all set to launch her second endevour called Curocarte. This is a global e-commerce platform that provides rare, handmade, premium quality, high end luxury products carefully picked from 9 countries across the globe. The portal is an eclectic mix of design, beauty and lifestyle. They will be showcasing almost 1500 products across 70 catgories and have plans to grow and expand.

With her first venture reaching the pinnacles of success, Ananya consolidates her position in the start up sector.

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Curocarte, Ananya’s brainchild, was conceptualized by her on one of her travels where she realized that new age design along with handmade talent could create a niche for itself. This will be run on an inventory based model creating and is extremely particular on the quality of its products. To ensure this, she has tied up with renowned international laboratories which tests every product before the production starts.

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Her aim is to bring inaccessible aesthetically appealing products from all around the world at your doorstep at the click of a button.
This young achiever, is aiming for the stars and hopes on soon becoming a global brand.

[ Via : Forbesindia ]

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