When tradition meet modern technology – Anaori Kakugama a carbon graphite cooking tool that is making waves in the culinary world

Mumbai city loves its nightlife and food in equal proportion. With the former gone for a toss, thanks to the unceasing pandemic, we are only left with loads and loads of delicious food. Those who love the idea of cooking a hearty meal will tell you it’s just as much fun as eating a tasty meal. When such able hands are met with a nearly INR 2,59,500 carbon graphite cooking tool, you can expect pure culinary mastery to unleash in front of you. Meet the head-turning cooking tool from Japanese brand Anaori, best known for its expertise in the field of carbon graphite technology. The Anaori Kakugama is a deep black tool carved from one solid block of carbon graphite that resonates with typical Japanese design ethos.

The tool can be divided into three main components that are multipurpose yet keep the traditional ideas intact. First is a top plate that can be flipped over and used to grill steak, vegetables, or just about anything. The circular lid in the middle is made of Hinoki Cypress, which is synonymous with Japanese cuisines. The deep-set body has chamfered edges, reminiscent of Japanese tea ceremony architecture, and a rounded bottom. The equipment is very high-quality, which is why it is resistant to wear, heat, acids, and efficient thermal and electrical conductivity.

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These qualities make the Anaori Kakugama the perfect partner in the kitchen for a variety of techniques and serving options. Right from grilling, simmering, poaching, frying, or steaming, the Anaori Kakugama does it all while locking in umami flavors. To catch all the cooking action with the Anaori Kakugama in its element, head straight to Masque Lab at Mahakalshmi and watch Chef Prateek Sadhu showcase the brilliance of his skills and the Kakugama with an unforgettable 10-course meal. Bon appetit! The Anaori Kakugama is available in two different sizes, 5.1 litres for almost INR 2,59,500 ($3490) and INR 1,85,000 for the smaller variant of 3.4 litres.

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