Apple to launch official stores in India

Apple Inc. is all set to be your official iPhone provider as it eyes the world’s second largest telecom market–India. The company, which currently sells its products here via a franchise network, is planning to launch its own stores in the country.

Apple India has filed with the Indian government an application to open its own branded stores, according to a report in the Indian media. It was not clear how many stores the company was planning to open or what would be the size of its investment. Apart from setting up stores, the company has also filed an application seeking permission to sell its products directly. Apple already sells the iPhone, iPad and other products in India both online and through resellers. But its market share there is only about 2 percent. Retail stores could boost sales by giving customers in India a chance to put their hands on the company’s devices and to speak in person with customer service employees.

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This may lead to cheaper Apple products, or maybe some great deals!

[ Via : Cnet ]

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