Arttd’inox Moody Pink Panther Mugs for an inquisitive Valentine!

The Pink Panther solved many unsolved mysteries, but if you cannot solve the mystery of a Valentine gift, we have some last minute buy in store. Get home the Moody Pink Panther mugs by Arttd’inox, to make an inquisitive lover happy!

Inspired by the famous movie icon – the Pink Panther – the Arttdinox Moody mugs are a part of this range that capture different moods of the character stylized with animated handles that create an unsaid bond with the panther. The mugs come along with a stainless steel stirrer, an interactive stick that conveys its motion in every action.The stirrer too rests beautifully on the table as if the Pink Panther is holding it. You’ll note that the mug handles are different too and the set is a lovely unique creation unlike any other mug set.

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The Moody mugs are priced at Rs. 1265/-, are are a quirky way to gift your valentine.

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