Asia’s Best Restaurant Gaggan is coming soon to Mumbai!

From Kolkata to Bangkok, chef Gaggan Anand has taken Indian cuisine to another level of fine dining. Anand’s eponymous fine-dining restaurant, Gaggan, is challenging the status-quo, proving that an Indian restaurant can cut it with the world’s best. After serving exquisite Indian cuisine in Bangkok, Gaggan will soon set shop in Mumbai, bringing the flavours from Asia’s best restaurant.

The Gaggan restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand serves street food from the chef’s home town of Kolkata, India — but the dishes have been reinterpreted with modernist cooking techniques. It is not a regular Indian restaurant, it’s an experience! Where else in India can you try Chowpati Year 2050? It is an imaginative take on papdi chaat – a spherical yoghurt “egg” infused with chaat masala, ginger and mango powder with herbal foam and tamarind chutney.

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Gaggan is now in advanced stages of talks with a Mumbai hotel, although he has kept a location at the Bandra Kurla Centre (BKC) as a fallback option. The Mumbai restaurant will open with a dessert room, “a candy lover’s fairyland”, where cutting-edge creations inspired by the world’s top pastry chef, Albert Adria (Ferran’s brother), will be showcased in the company of dessert wines from all over. Both will be firsts for India.

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Well, come 2016, Garima Arora—last employed as a chef de partie at Noma, will be helming the Mumbai outpost of Gaggan, Bangkok, the world’s no. 1 Indian restaurant (according to a Restaurant magazine listing), when it opens a year down the line.

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