Aveer: A specially curated men’s-only jewelry brand from the house of Tanishq

While women have a plethora of jewelry options to choose from, men only have a handful few. Tata’s renowned jewelry brand Tanishq is out to explore this niche market with its newly launched brand Aveer. After their sub-brands Mia and Rivaah created a storm in the market, Aveer is offering a Rs. 20,000 plus price range entailing rings, bracelets, chains, ear studs in gold, platinum, and diamonds.

Who is Tanishq’s target audience? A man that radiates qualities such as charisma, courage, and straightforwardness. The Aveer line entails designs that range from simple classic lines exuding understated elegance, to bold unique creations that perfectly reflect the persona of the wearer.

One may strongly argue that jewelry can rarely be visualized on men but in this time and age, men exude oodles of confidence and are keen on expressing their style with accessories. There is a will to splurge on style and class. Tanishq’s main aim with their new line Aveer is to cater to men that are fancying conventional yet contemporary designs that are elegant and unique.

Speaking about the launch of this exciting new category for the brand, Ms.Deepika Tewari, Associate Vice President – Marketing, Jewelry Division, Titan Company Limited said, “In recent times, we have witnessed the development of a huge market for men’s jewelry which convinced us that it is the right time we venture into this segment and cater to Indian men who are open to wearing simple, suave jewelry pieces on a daily basis. With Aveer, men’s jewelry is not limited to the conventional engagement rings and cufflinks anymore. Tanishq, since its inception 20 years ago, has created jewelry according to the changes in society and people’s mindset. Our jewelry is aesthetically designed, and lends itself to various occasions, prompting users to wear it often and not just lock it away for special occasions. We look forward to the same success with Aveer for men.”

While to most of us, Tanishq may be just another jewelry brand, the truth is the brand has pioneered several path-breaking initiatives in the retail jewelry industry, especially with their transparent business practices, exemplary work ethics, environment-friendly operations, and innovations such as the Karatmeter. Today, Tanishq is a brand synonymous with consumer trust and quality assurance.