Baaya Design showcases “Anantaya” concept studio in Mumbai

The “Anantaya” concept studio has been launched in the maximum city by Baaya Design, a Mumbai based décor brand. “Anantaya” amalgamates the art of master artisans with the keen eye to detailing of the designers. The final product is a beautiful masterpiece that enhances the look of the space it adorns. This reputed brand fiercely preserves the traditional arts but understands the need to innovate and adapt to the changing times. By using the traditional materials in a different and interesting manner, the designers present a fresh twist to designs with an array of artifacts, accessories, textiles, lighting solutions, furniture and many more products.

These products have an understated elegance about them and appeal to the quality conscious minds that also like to be different. Anantaya supports artisans from Rajasthan by providing capital, technology and design and marketing strategies and at the same time showcasing the uniqueness of the state and its artisans.

The products include intricately worked on oil lamps, hand hammered brass bowls, Crescent Thali set, the Shiva Jug, painted table called the Kalam table, Rumi Tea Light holder to name a few.

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Anantaya strives to make each piece unique and stunning and they provide customized design and implementation of traditional murals for interior and exteriors of homes and offices.

The Baaya Design Studio at Raghuvanshi Mills is definitely worth a visit.

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