Belvedere Spritz Indian Collection embrace Elaichi and Tulsi flavors

Spritz are taking an Indian route! With Absolut launching an exclusive India inspired bottle, we now have spirtz with exclusive Indian flavors. Set to roll out globally, the Belvedere Spritz Collection is a series of 12 long drinks, each based on the local, seasonal and natural ingredients in different markets.

Going the healthy way, Belvedere debuts its Spritz Collection of low-sugar, savory and refreshing cocktails. The Spritz collection also includes two locally inspired cocktails for India: the ‘Elaichi Spritz’ combines Elaichi (cardamoms) with sweet floral aromas of lemon. Similarly, the ‘Tulsi Spritz’ combines holy basil leaves with fruity citrus notes of mandarin oranges.

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The Belvedere Spritz Collection offers minimalist recipes prepared with a naturally flavoured modifier, topped off with sparkling and tonic water, and finished with two fresh garnishes. The signature Spritz drink, for instance, follows an easy-to-execute recipe of 45ml of Belvedere Pure Vodka, 15ml of Martini Blanco, 2 slices of grapefruit and a single sprig of thyme. Pour some soda and tonic water, add ice and – voila. Enjoy the ultimate all-natural cocktail, just as Belvedere prefers it.

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