Bengaluru to host dinners in the sky

Imagine a 22-seater dining table filled with delectable delicacies and a view of the glistening city below. Now in Bengaluru, diners can experience a truly special evening at a height of 60 feet above the ground. Of course, the experience is open to all including the faint-hearted.

Conceptualized by Bengaluru-based adventure sports company Jumpking India, the concept was conceived almost five years ago. You may be surprised but there are 65 other countries in this world that host a similar experience.

Here’s a detailed blueprint of the entire experience. Diners are lifted by a crane and are constantly safeguarded by safety belts to prevent any mishaps. Undoubtedly so, safety is a major concern for all but the company has said that there will be a team of four people at all times on the deck above the ground, apart from a photographer. Yes, the seating is covered at all times given the dramatic weather changes experienced by the city.

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Jumpking reportedly has a specific wind velocity at which they will operate the dining experience. To maintain strict safety regulations, only people above 4 feet 5 inches are allowed, and pregnant women, as well as children below the age of 14, are not allowed on the deck.

Given that my passions are food and adventure; I’m hoping Mumbai is next in queue to experience this dramatic setting.

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