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From breakfast recipes to fruit infused water to amethyst jewellery to Lakme fashion week models to kutch artisans we bring you the week that was at Luxpresso

Easy breakfast recipes
After a week full of cereals, omelettes and go-to sandwiches, waking up to a delicious weekend breakfast is like rewarding one’s self for making it through the hectic week schedule. From baked avocado to eggs to three-ingredient cookies to cinnamon French toast to pineapple pancake mess to egg pita pizza to baked eggs to breakfast fondue, here is a list of indulgent recipes that you can enjoy.

Amethyst – the February birthstone
Amethyst is a type of Quartz (a mineral found in Earth’s continental crust) that can be in any colour ranging from pinkish violet to deep purple. The stone signifies peace, serenity, and temperance. There are a number of beliefs associated with the gemstone—while European soldiers believed that amethyst amulets as a protector during battles, the Greeks were under the notion that it prevents intoxication. From bracelets to earrings to rings to neck pieces, these amethyst studded pieces are too gorgeous to resist.

Water infused with fruits and flowers
Drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy and hydrated. It is also a great substitute for caloric beverages, but drinking plain water can get boring, which is why we compiled a list of flower and fruit-infused waters. From the one infused with fruits to another infused with flowers, these delicious recipes will help you increase your daily water intake.
Mandarin Hibiscus infused water, Blueberry Lavender, Rose, Lemon and Strawberry, Cucumber and Herb, Apple Cinnamon and Watermelon Basil infused water are some of the interesting combinations that you can try.

Rescued girls from the res light areas to walk the ramp for designer Mandeep Nagi
Rescued girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas will take on the runway at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017 to showcase a collection designed by Mandeep Nagi, In a bid to empower girls from these areas, Nagi has teamed up with Kranti, a Mumbai-based NGO founded by Robin Chaurasiya, who is a former US Air Force servant. For the show, not only will they walk in Nagi’s creations, but will also share their personal stories through an interactive performance. His collection is titled Bagh and it embodies the spirit of spring with white, orchid tint, haze, almond and rose pink with gold and silver being the prominent colours.

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Kutch artisans to showcase at the Lakme Fashion week Summer Resort 2017
The Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017 kicks off today at the JioGarden in Mumbai’s upmarket commercial hub of Bandra Kurla Complex; and in a first tomorrow (2nd February 2017), patrons of fashion will see heritage Indian craft come to the forefront with the ‘Artisans of Kutch’ presentation held as part of LFW SR 17’s Sustainable Fashion and Indian Textiles Day (SFIT).

This season, like every other, is slated to be a celebration of fashion that is commercial and traditional, and contemporary yet age-old. Season after season, Lakmé Fashion Week returns to the Maximum City with a promise to bring to the ramps something uncommon that celebrates fashion like no other. This time around they visited Kutch in the hopes of digging talent that will create waves at the showcase. And they did. Kutch is a seeding ground where artisans and NGOs have been working together to create fashion using traditional crafts. LFW has always been supportive towards the Indian handloom and textiles and has been showcasing different craft sectors, season over season. This time, Kutch artisans seem to fit their bill perfectly.

A peep into Anita Dongre’s Grand Finale Collection for the Lakme Fashion Week
Veteran designer Anita Dongre will be drawing the curtains on the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2017 edition as the grand finale designer
Dongre’s collection for this edition is called Alchemy and it is a combination of traditional and modern silhouettes. The theme of the collection is based on Lakmé’s latest beauty range—liquid gold. It is inspired by the sands of Rajasthan, and its flora and fauna. The 60-piece range also incorporates Dongre’s signature gota patti work.
The show will be held at the Bandra Fort in Mumbai on 5th February at 9 pm. The showstopper at the grand finale will be the gorgeous actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, Lakmé Absolute’s brand ambassador and the face of Dongre’s ready-to-wear label AND.

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The aggressive Indian
Today, it seems, we have lost peaceful wisdom. Man-made products like goddess-print bikinis, flag printed doormats, and more recently, Ganesha skateboards, are enough to make us feel insulted on behalf of our country and our religions. These are mere things, still we take offence to it.

There is so much angst among us now that these inconsequential objects have become the focal point of our national and religious honour; a classic case of the symbol becoming more powerful than what it symbolises. In Delhi alone, there are stretches of walls plastered with bathroom tiles printed with pictures of Hindu gods and representations of the crescent moon of Islam as well as the Christian Cross, at regular intervals. Their purpose is to stop people from pissing on the walls. While we should be educating people on the detriments of urinating in the open and investing in more public toilets, we have now reduced our gods and holy symbols to deterrents against public pissing

Our national flag is a symbol and yes we should respect it. But why does it bring on a blind rage when we perceive it—or our gods, for that matter—has been disrespected?

Because respect, when misplaced, can be far more dangerous than a rule that’s been flouted in innocence
A simpler answer may lie in introspection. Before allowing out anger to burst out, we must detach ourselves from the emotion and consider its nature. Is it warranted? Is it true? And lastly, is it helpful? Whom does it serve? And how can I expend it fruitfully?

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