BMW Mini Convertible launches to glorify short trips!

The iconic British car Mini is all set to go topless in India, with the launch of the convertible edition by BMW. A perfect car for the weekend getaway, the all new Mini Cooper will surely impress women car enthusiast.

Mr. von Sahr with the all-new MINI Convertible-2
One of the few convertible car available in India, this Mini is all set to create a benchmark with its compact look and free design. MINI Cooper S Convertible is equipped with its 1,998cc (2.0L) engine turbocharged to produce 192 hp (141 kW) and 207 pound-feet (280 Nm) of torque. Another new addition to the new MINI is invisible rollover protection, with safety cage elements hidden behind the rear seats on automatically-deployed actuators. The two protection bars deploy when the car detects a risk of rollover. Park assist technologies for radar detection and a rearview camera are standard on the new MINI. Optional are front sensors and BMW’s Park Assist system. Also optional is adaptive cruise control (in the Driving Assistant package) with collision and pedestrian warning and pre-braking. Road sign detection to read speed limits for display and automated high beams are also available in the package.
Mr. von Sahr with the all-new MINI Convertible-1
Other options include all-LED exterior lighting, sports steering wheels, and a digital “Always Open Timer” to track time spent with the roof down. MINI-logo puddle lights are also available. The new MINI Connected: Mini Streetwise system is an option, adding navigation, rain warning, a larger infotainment display (8.8 inches), and more smartphone integration with apps.

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The all-new MINI Convertible is available at dealerships across India as a Completely Built-Up unit (CBU). Available for Rs.35 lacs, this car is perfect for a weekend spin.

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