Cocoon Fine Rugs x Falguni Shane Peacock exquisite carpet couture will leave you floored, literally!

Falguni and Shane Peacock have joined hands with Ayush Choudhary of Cocoon Fine Rugs, one of the country’s foremost design brands known for their exquisite handcrafted rugs & carpets. This collaboration will bring forth a collection that will transform a space into a zenith of luxury and inimitable design. Dubbed ‘Meraki’ this new creative collaboration truly showcases the heart of the Peacock brand and ideology and combines it with the rug crafting expertise of Cocoon Fine Rugs. The collection is special not only for the amazing products that could well be termed ‘Floor Art’ but also because “Meraki” by Cocoon Fine Rugs x Falguni Shane Peacock marks the entry of the Peacocks into the world of interior design. Meraki single-handedly catapults the world of rugs and carpets from the bottom to a peak of excellence with a collection that is the first of its kind in terms of its bold, edgy, and avant-garde design! The collection includes rugs done up in typical Shane & Falguni Peacock spirit with chain mail motifs, flowers juxtaposed against intricate design meshes, medallions, links & hearts that spell out “I Love You Always”.

The collection could rightfully be called ‘Carpet Couture’ with each elaborate creation having its own name like “Never Letting You Go, “Give Your Heart & Soul To Me” amongst four more. This new luxury edit is being showcased at the Cocoon Fine Rugs Gallery at Worli, Mumbai, and will also be available on request at the Cocoon Fine Rugs stores in Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Jaipur as well as online on

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Where: A – Block Basement, Shiv Sagar Estate, Dr. A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
Phone: 022 2492 8647

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