Complete with solid gold and diamond detailing, The Redmi K20 Pro Signature Edition phone is here and it costs a whopping 4.8 lakhs

Luxury and technology have always gone hand-in-hand but with the unveiling of Xiaomi’s Redmi K20 Pro Signature edition smartphone, this coveted pairing has reached a whole new level of luxe! The lust-worthy phone was launched alongside the brand’s other two devices, the Redmi K20 Pro and the regular Redmi K20, but unlike these two, the special-edition version costs a whopping Rs 4.8 lakhs in making charges!

And justifying its astronomical price is its bespoke design. The opulent smartphone flaunts a solid gold back and a ‘K’ shaped diamond engraving on its bottom-right corner. Yes, you read that right, real solid gold and diamonds as confirmed by Redmi India itself, in a tweet, “Not gold plated, it’s made of real gold and embellished with diamonds.” 

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Clearly the K20 Pro Signature Edition model isn’t for every pocket and so Redmi has decided to keep things exclusive by making only 20 units of the piece!

However, if you’re not one to be rattled by a price tag, maybe the Goldvish Eclipse – Desiring Arcadia – Onyx Alligator is the one for you! Complete with a Baguette cut white diamond, 320 cut diamonds, stainless steel accents and a stylish black alligator leather cover, it’s no surprise that the handmade Eclipse – Desiring Arcadia – Onyx Alligator by Goldvish costs a jaw-dropping Rs 71.8 lakh (approximately).

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Not too far behind is the Caviar Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition. The device boasts 1kg worth of solid gold in its rear and is priced at Rs 40.6 lakhs approximately for a 128GB version.

And last on the list but certainly not at the least in any way is the Caviar Samsung Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones version. The gold-laden device flaunts iconic characters and subjects from the beloved franchise and is priced at an approximate Rs 5.7 lakh!

So which one would you splurge on if you had to choose? 


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