Delhi’s famous Irani Cafe Soda Bottle Openerwala comes to Mumbai!

Mumbai is blessed with various Irani Cafes, serving some exotic Parsi dishes. But, if you are looking for an opulent take on the regular Parsi joints, get set for Delhi’s famous Soda Bottle Openerwala in Mumbai.

Irani Cafe Soda 2
The soon to be opened Soda Bottle Openerwala promises a crazy ride through some delicious Parsi and Mumbaiya food, but with a quirky twist. Run by A.D. Singh, the restaurant tasted huge success in Delhi and Bangalore before the restaurateur decided to throw doors open for Mumbai food lovers. The restaurant, which has been designed by Sabina Singh, captures the madness of the Parsi/Irani culture of Mumbai through its décor and also has a sense of openness to it with plenty of natural light filtering in through its glass walls, while strategically placed mirrors increase the sense of space.
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The menu has a generous dose of Parsi delicacies like the juicy Chicken Farcha, Pheteli Coffee, Masala Pepsi, Berry Pulao, Dhansak, Raspberry Soda and Salli Mutton. It features some popular club food like Eggs Kejriwal and Breach Candy Awesome Okra apart from some famous Mumbai street food. Take for instance, the Tardeo AC Market Mamaji’s Grilled Sandwich and Bhendi Bazaar Sheekh Paratha. As a special treat, when you pay at the counter, you can buy old school treats like Naan khatai biscuits stored in glass jars.

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Starting 25th September, Soda Bottle Openerwala will serve delectable Parsi fare at The Capital Building, Near ICICI bank, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400051

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