Depot’s male grooming products reflect changing styles

Today’s discerning urban man reflects a generation gone by, especially when it comes to grooming. He turns his cheek more willingly towards an old-fashioned barber than indulge in the nuances that a hair-stylist would offer. Grooming brand, Depot Male Tools & Co., recognize this and are blending in the key essences of the past with the flavor of the present. 

With full range of men’s products, Depot brings the desired aesthetic to men by ensuring only the highest quality, specificity and brand of uniqueness. The formulas of all Depot products are inspired by the barbers of yore, be it in the ingredients or even the packaging. All products are subject to modern, sophisticated, and technologically-advanced reinterpretations. We’ve handpicked some of the choicest products from the house of Depot, each with its attributes that make it a viable choice for the man of today. The Italian brand’s products are only available in select salons and luxury stores.

Depot Gentle Body Wash (Rs 950 – 250ml)
Just feeling and staying fresh doesn’t cut it today. Bathing products are working towards conjuring moods and emotions that can be triggered through one’s olfactory senses. Depot’s body wash may seem gentle on the senses, but they rejuvenate the mind with select olfactive notes.  Among these is the classic cologne fragrance that adds the floral ecstasy to your bath and the spicy dark tea that brings in the woodiness. Other notes that your senses may register are fresh black pepper and oriental soul that further work towards blending floral and spicy sensations. The body wash has 10 plant extracts blended in, each with their unique benefits that can improve the texture and health of your skin. Humectants such as glycerine and erythritol aid in keeping the skin supple and soft while ensuring the right amount of moisturization. A few spoonfuls of the Gentle Body Wash in your bath water should suffice. For use in a shower, you can pour it onto a sponge or directly on a body before working up a lather. 

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Liquid Hand Soap(Rs 1,250 – 200ml)
Handwashes aren’t just functional anymore. Depot makes sure they do so much more to your senses than just cleaning and sanitizing. Their gentle hand soap blends in citrus and herbal enchantments that create a memorable Mediterranean essence you can carry with you. Sorbitol and glycerine ensure hydration, while menthol refreshes and soothes your senses. The Vitamin E derivative in the soap works as an antioxidant and an anti-radical, without being harsh on your skin. A small quantity of the soap on your damp palms is enough to work up a lather before being washed away. It is available in a 200ml bottle and bears the classical packaging that is becoming synonymous with Depot’s new range. 

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Moisturizing Hand Lotion(Rs 1,250 – 200ml)
From handshakes to caresses, sports to dealing cards, your palms are all you have to hold on to, literally. With the modern man acknowledging this fact, the adoption of hand-care products among the demographic has seen a rise. Depot’s Moisturizing Hand Lotion brings nourishment and protection to the skin with active ingredients such as shea butter, rice oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, glycerine, necessary vitamins, and multifunctional botanical complex. Both jojoba and argan, oils are emollients and aid in conditioning the skin. Rice oil helps soften and nourish the skin. The Vitamin E derivative works as an anti-oxidant and anti-radical, while the Pro-Vitamin B5 soothes and conditions the skin. Application of the moisturizing lotion on both hands is recommended at least once a day and should be done continuously until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

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