Ermenegildo Zegna’s versatile Waterproof Collection

Ermenegildo has created a waterproof fabric that preserves the luxurious qualities of the soft merino wool. This new fabric is just as breathable, just as soft and comfortable to wear.

The Raincoat is a smart, classic trench which is made breathable, light and water resistant by Elements Light Trofeo wool and is perfect to wear over a suit.

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The Field Jacket is equipped with generous storage to keep you well prepared and this too is made of water repellent Elements Light Trofeo wool.

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The Barracuda Jacket is a luxurious and versatile jacket and can function across a range of temperatures and weather.

The Bomber is light and soft water repellent bomber made with Elements Light Trofeo and High Performance wool.
The Gilet is a comfortable down filled Elements Light Trofeo wool, it is light but effective even in rough weather and has pockets within pockets for easy organization.
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Here is your chance to own one of these jackets from their new Waterproof Collection at INR 1,34,000.

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