Fabergé style festivities: Playful festive lockets in 18k gold steal the show

Fabergé has been around for longer than most of us which is why is it safe to say Fabergé is forever! Its illustrious history, its legendary lineage is known to all but who says it can’t be playful? Bringing life and playfulness into fine jewelry is their newest line that introduces two brand new pieces to their celebrated Fabergé Festive Collection. With Christmas around the corner everyone is getting their plans ready but what we have here is a gift that won’t only make the receiver very, very happy; its got the makings of a family heirloom that’s going to see women in your future generations beaming too. These new pendants take inspiration from the Polar Star. which has been a timeless astronomical constant that has been used for thousands of years to help travelers find their way home. The two stellar pieces unveiled by Fabergé are 18-carat rose gold locket with a diamond set star inside alongside the Palais Tsarskoye Selo, an 18-carat yellow gold locket with a similar diamond star within. The 18k Rose Gold Locket with Diamond Set Star Surprise features a Gemfields ruby set within the button which opens the locket. In contrast, the bold Palais Tsarskoye Selo 18k Yellow Gold Locket with Teal Enamel and Diamond Set Star Surprise features painstakingly hand-painted glossy enamel in a wintery teal, with dazzling diamonds.

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These two lockets that are part of the Fabergé Festive collection also includes the Snowflake surprise locket. The 18k rose gold locket with diamond set star surprise is available now (₹ 8,53,354), while the Palais Tsarskoye Selo 18k yellow gold locket with teal enamel and diamond set star surprise (₹ 8,27,223) is available to pre-order. 

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