Fabulous Ideas for Short Hairstyles and Haircuts In 2019

Women with thick locks can be said to be much gifted by nature because they don’t have to worry about lack of volume or limp tresses. Being glossy and clean, a thick thatch doesn’t require sophisticated styling ways of fancy haircuts. However, you have to control the length of the locks to reduce their weight. Therefore, short hairstyles are suitable for women with a thick mane.

We have collected some of the fun and cute short haircuts and hairstyles for women with thick tresses. Though you may be hesitant to chop your long hair, you will find the results are quite admirable. Here are some ideas you should choose.

  • Short Layered Haircut.

Many ladies with very thick manes who attempted to go short have sad stories to tell. No lady wants to walk around looking like a scarecrow. So, if you are blessed with thick shag and you want to go short, layers are a key addition to your haircut. You don’t have to reduce volume. The style needs it for an appealing shape. 

  • Short Sassy Bob.

Short hairstyles for women with thick locks look superb when they are styled straight. Choosing a sleek blowout during the styling process ensures that any natural length and volume is balanced well. The layers are styled short in the back and the sides for a chic and flattering cut.

  • Layered Style for Thick Hair.

A layered bob hairstyle is an excellent way to tame thick and wavy ringlets. Rather than puffing out when wet, this haircut grows out with great volume instead of becoming frizzy. However, make sure that you utilise mousse immediately you come out of the shower to promote the texture.

  • Smooth Bob.

This bob is ridiculously appealing to women with straight locks. Rather than using bangs, go for layers in the front and style them feathery to the back. This ensures the style has enough movement and flow altogether. The layers at the bottom are trimmed to equal length, making this short haircut chic and sophisticated.

  • Best Short Haircut for Thick Hair.

This is common A-line haircut, and it looks great on women with thin tresses. So, if you have a thick thatch, this may not be a suitable style for you. However, there is a way you can own it even if you have thick mane; by adding layers. For those with thin hair, it pairs very well and creates a lot of volume. 

  • Angled Bob Haircut.

This haircut is among the most preferred short haircuts in 2019. It removes all extra thickness from your short mop giving you a beautiful rounded style with perfect layers all over. It is stunning and modern, a haircut to behold! While it is minimal enough to play with, it also has enough length to tie it using elastic bands if necessary.

  • Short Bob and Tapered Back.

Sophisticated and chic are two phrases that describe this most beautiful bob among short hairstyles in 2019. The style incorporates a rounded silhouette and tapered back. The cut is perfectly cropped at the back of the neck. The bright tan, brown shade is quite voluminous and exudes great sheen. 

  • Stylish Pixie Cut.

One universal characteristic of short haircuts is layers. It is all about layering. When trimmed to mid-length, you leave just enough hair to try out varying textures and reveal a gorgeous layering. If you have not yet decided what to choose between a pixie and a bob, this look solves your puzzle.

  • Layered and Tapered Pixie.

Beautiful and well-styled bangs and deep side parting are the key features of layered pixie cuts that move them some numbers higher on the list of best short hairstyles. The locks on the crown and the bangs are subtly feathered, and the style is given an additional lift on the crown section. Moreover, the piece-y sideburns are a great aspect of this haircut that really draws attention to your cheekbones.