Fendi launches its classy Momento Watches Collection

Fendi is bringing the classics back, with an all new collection of watches called Momento. Elegant yet modern, the new Momento Fendi Collection, both for women and men, is a classic watch, which infuses an innovative twist.

fendi Momento Watches Collection  (3)
Momento Fendi’s feature is more evident than ever: once a minute, when the minute hand and the second hand align, the iconic Fendi signature appears, designed by this magical conjunction. The recurring effect delights and intrigues, highlighting Fendi’s unique attention to detail while adding a secret echo of the Maison’s heritage to every minute of the day. The bold design and renowned craftsmanship of the Roman’s Maison inspire each element of the new timepiece. The tones of black and gold are perfectly combined in the watch: the black dial, enhanced by the yellow gold coloured numerals and indexes, is encased in a polished and satin-brushed yellow gold coloured case, in contrast with the black bezel and crown.

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Uniquely innovative yet elegantly urbane, the new Momento Fendi celebrates the Roman Maison’s timeless values of tradition and innovation, capturing each moment in a whimsical way.

[ Via : Noblesse ]

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