Fendi’s Espadrillas are the summer specials for women’s feat!

Fendi is turning the cruel summer into a cool one with their latest edition to their shoe stock! The FENDI Espadrillas are the cool girly-yet-chic flat must-haves for this season. Women can choose from the slightly formal subtle black, grey and white orchid print Espadrillas or the vibrant and funky Roma printed ones that are based on a 1988 Karl Lagerfeld design with a graffiti twist. The Fendi Roma has a colorful red, orange and blue print against a white background and probably looks more youthful than the monochrome Fendi Orchid. Both have solid colored toe caps; the Orchid in black, while the Roma in blue.

The body of the shoes are of a printed crepe satin material while both have accents in black grosgrain – a type of plain weave corded fabric, and nappa leather. The base of the shoes also have a detailed weave work of a thick golden fiber thread that gives it a summer, casual look. The two pairs are trendy and bold enough to make us want to get both; though our take on them would be that the Roma would pass off as the sporty version as compared to the Orchid, which would be the perfect pair for a casual summer evening outing!

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