Ford Mustang enters the Indian market at 65 lakhs

Ford has launched the Mustang sports car in India at a price of INR 65 lakhs. Initially the company is accepting bookings for the Mustang only in Mumbai and Delhi but has plans to include other cities in the span of a year.

The body of the Mustang gets a retro look on its nose and rear, in addition to a bulging bonnet and brawny wheel arches. Design features such as the wide shoulders, raked roofline and lengthy bonnet lend the Mustang a commanding look. Its projector headlamps with an LED signature motif and retro looking vertically oriented ‘three bar’ LED tail lamps mimic the 1964 original.

The Mustang has always been a left hand drive, but it is now being developed for the right hand market as well. Its mechanicals allow the car to reach speeds of 250kph. The good news of this is that the car can deliver this performance running on regular 91octane fuel and does not require the special high octane fuel as is the case in many other sports cars.

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The Mustang has an aviation inspired interior theme with airplane like toggle switches but it also has an eight inch touchscreen infotainment system. Drivers can choose from four driving modes and it also comes with limited slip differential to improve traction and agility on slippery surfaces. The Electronic Line Lock allows the front brakes to be locked electronically while leaving the rear tyres free to spin. The prices ex-showroom are INR 65 lakhs in Delhi, INR 68.14 lakhs in Mumbai and INR 66.51 lakhs in Navi Mumbai.

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[ Via : Autocarindia ]

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