Spa Review: Experiencing a spa-cial heaven at Four Seasons Mumbai

The idea of surrendering yourself to the ministrations of a nimble-fingered therapist and getting your muscles kneaded into mush is well tempting. However, it all boils down to not just an intuitive therapist but also the potentiality of great music, interiors and products to make it a spa therapy to remember. So I headed off to the Spa at the Four Seasons Mumbai to discover if it could strike off as the perfect spa haven amongst the urban chaos.

I started off with a gruelling workout session at the sprawling Four Seasons gym which boasted of brilliant trainers, state-of-art fitness equipment, fresh juices and fruits to get me the oomph to keep going. After a particularly draining hour-long workout session, I headed off to the swanky spa area that boasts of eight treatment rooms, a relaxation room, lockers and hygiene paraphernalia such as hair gel, body lotion, deodorant, among other things.

The treatment rooms, I noticed, were named after iconic Yoga Asanas like Tadasana, Vajrasana, etc. I was given a spa consultation form to highlight my concerns and focus areas. My polite therapist Atokali ushered me to show around and then to my treatment room. As I entered my minimalistic, dimly-lit treatment room, pretty roses and a refreshing aroma tickled my nostrils and had a downright relaxing effect on me.

I was to try the signature spa experience called Kizhi Swedana which combines traditional Indian healing, with Western massage techniques. As if I wasn’t relaxed enough already, my therapist then started dipping Ayurvedic herbal poultices known as Kizhi into warm camphor-infused oil and then applied it to my back. With soft but firm movements around my overstressed back, the Kizhi melted my stresses away like nothing else! As I meandered off to deep slumber, the knots around my body were slowly unravelled and I started feeling free of all the tensions and pains that had set me down.

As Atokali worked on the rest of my body with her gifted intuitiveness, the Indian classical music and soulful chanting helped my mind drift into zen mode. Luxurious concoctions from the UK and US called ILA and Sundari were used for my therapy. The line of products definitely impressed! Apart from that, my therapist made sure that she kept asking me if I was fine with the temperature, music and pressure which does say a thing or two about how the comfort and hospitality factors were well taken care of.

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The climax to my spa experience was an invigorating head massage that was definitely food-for-thought! My mind was slowly drifting over visions of tropical wellness that reinforced in me how a good spa therapy can do great not just to your body but also your mind and soul. A delish meal of crunchy Caesar salad and decadent Berry Smoothie by the pool ended the sojourn and I was only left swooning over the entire wellness experience that boasted of merely hits that make me contemplate over my next visit.

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Where: Four Seasons Mumbai
1/136, Dr. E. Moses Marg, Upper Worli,
Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
Phone: 022 2481 8000

Note– The critic was invited by the Four Seasons Mumbai. But all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

The luxe factor is

9 Music
9.5 Treatment
9 Interiors
9.5 Products used
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