Fragrance Review: Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba

Bvlgari’s extensive Omnia Perfume range got it’s sixth gem Paraiba. The luxurious new perfume is named after Brazilian semi-precious stone Paraiba Tourmaline, known for its blue – green color.

The perfume, which will take you to a tropical region boasts floral, and fruity notes with a hint of wood essence. Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas. It features notes of Laraha orange, passion fruit and flower, gardenia, sugar cane, vetiver and cacao bean. A hint of passion fruit is a bit rare for perfumes, and Omnia Paraiba blends its warm with peachy notes. The passion fruit here is very enjoyable: tart and zesty, without the sort of musky taste in the actual fruit. However, in longer wearability. Omnia Paraiba just becomes sweeter and sweeter with time, and turns into a fruity hard candy type of sweetness, eliminating the musky scent. The perfumes comes in the usual Omnia bottle in a beautiful blue/green and silver packaging, matching the Brazilian Tourmaline Paraiba stone.

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A quick try on a blotter might not appeal as much as its wearability on the skin. Omnia Paraiba can stay as much as for nine hours on the skin, with mild sillage. The passion fruit opening transforms to peachy and finally woody in a couple of minutes. It’s a bit sweeter than original Omnia, but a must try for anyone who loves sunny fragrances.

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The cheerful Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba is an escape to the tropical zone, and a great pick for Summers. Available in a 45ml and 60 ml bottle, this EDT is priced at Rs. 3,300 and Rs. 4,250 respectively.

The luxe factor

7 Fragrance
6 Staying Power
8 Price
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