From shopping to experiences these are the 9 most luxurious cities in the world

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Living a luxurious life is indeed a blessing. Trying out the best products, wearing gorgeous designer brands, eating food outside in a calming restaurant, and enjoying every single moment of life with the best people around is a dream of everyone.

But not all cities can provide this amazing atmosphere and luxurious living. Only a few cities around the world have covered the most exotic things in one area. No matter how rich you are, if you want the best experience of living, you can only get it in these few selected cities – keep reading to find out about the nine most luxurious cities in the world!

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1. London
London is one of the most famous cities in the world. You will find all sorts of people here, some juggling between 2 or more jobs to keep themselves alive, and others living the most lavish lifestyle on the planet earth.

Chelsea, Mayfair, and other boroughs tell you why London is one the best cities to live a classy life! This city is home to amazing restaurants, luxury apartments, fine boutiques, designer brands, and everything that’s considered lavish in the world! The rich residents of this city enjoy their time in world-famous shops.

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2. Tokyo
Tokyo is one of the wealthiest cities on the face of the earth. There’s no shortage of exotic shops where you can find the best the city has to offer. An amazing thing about Tokyo is that it has a huge population, and a fair share of them belong to the ultimate rich.

Luxury shopping is the reason why people consider Tokyo as one of the most luxurious cities in the world. The presence of quality nightlife, cultural places, and the presence of modern culture makes Tokyo an ideal city for the wealthy.

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3. Paris
Most of us already know Paris for its chic and luxury lifestyle. This city is home to the world’s best fashion brands. It’s not an exaggeration to regard Paris as the home of the world’s fashion trends and luxury experiences.

Paris is also super famous for its amazing food. Paris offers the best lifestyle one can enjoy, from wine to sweet cheese and tons of other mouth-watering foods. The prices of real estate in Paris are super high, and so are the commercial property auctions. There’s no shortage of brands in Paris, and rich people do love shopping from one of the finest shops in the world!

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4. Milan
Talk about being the financial and fashion hub at the same time! Milan has always been known as one of the most famous cities in Italy. In modern times, the city has only got more popular with the presence of an unmatchable lifestyle and luxuries.

This city is home to one of the world’s best fashion brands. Milan has also been a hub of architectural and industrial design – adding to the luxury values of the city! Luxury apartments and amazing views add up nicely, providing a quintessential lifestyle to the wealthiest of the world.

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5. Hong Kong
Hong Kong is the world’s hub for wealthy billionaires. The number of people joining the ultra-rich is rising in this extravagant city of Asia. Prices of real estate have skyrocketed in Hong Kong over the years due to the presence of circulation money.

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One of the reasons why Hong Kong is one of the most luxurious cities in the world is the presence of skyscrapers. The city has breathtaking natural and modern sites that rev the hearts of the wealthiest people worldwide. Shopping here is fit for the luxury lifestyle, and there’s no shortage of outstanding food too.

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6. New York City
New York City is the city that keeps the modern world running. This city is home to the world’s wealthiest people who enjoy living every single moment here. New York City has the most expensive real estate, and the lifestyle here is outstanding because of the presence of financial institutions.

There’s no worldly luxury that you cannot find in New York City. You can find it all in this city, from high-end tech products to the exquisite range of designer brands and marvelous food! You will find people driving around the most expensive cars and spending top dollar on availing of the finest services.

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7. Geneva
Geneva is one of the most influential cities globally, thanks to the presence of wealthy banks and offices of influential organizations. You will find the world’s wealthiest people living a luxury lifestyle in Geneva.

The city’s architecture is unique and gives off a different feeling compared to the other luxurious cities of the world. French influences on the city make it the perfect place for famous brands and outstanding food. Salaries are higher here, and business persons get the best opportunities because of the exotic setting of the city.

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8. Las Vegas
Talk about living the wild, luxurious life! Las Vegas is the perfect place for the ultra-rich who want to enjoy a unique vacation. The presence of one-of-a-kind casino entertainment, rich nightlife, and a fashion-oriented lifestyle make the perfect destination for lovers of a lively lifestyle.

Known as the “Sin City,” there’s no limit on how much you want to enjoy the craziest things. You can gamble and party all you want at the best-managed places. Furthermore, you can shop for all the famous brands and stay in the most lavish apartments in this marvelous city.

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9. Dubai
If you have a slight interest in history, you might already know that Dubai was not a proper city until the end of the 20th century. Oil money has transformed this city into the world’s wealthiest and most exotic city.

There’s no comparison of the luxury lifestyle of Dubai to any other city in the world. It’s home to the world’s wealthiest people who love spending it all in the costly shops. Though there are some limitations on the nightlife and entertainment, you can still enjoy spending your time in the world’s most exquisite buildings and suites – perfect for the people who are looking to enjoy a lavish lifestyle!

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