From traditional to coastal to Scandinavian – Here are the coolest bed set styles to spruce up your bedroom.

Are you in the process of decorating or updating the decor in your home? As you work through each room, it is important to consider how each room transitions into the next. While some themes can be ignored going from room to room, it would be quite a shock to go from a Victorian-era hallway to enter a modern industrial guest room.

If you want to keep the same aesthetic throughout your home, you’ll want to update your guest room as well. You might also want to update your own bedroom, but it is less important to maintain the style of the home when you’re in a private room.

If you already have an aesthetic you want to match, these examples are a great place to start your search for a new bed set.

Eclectic or Bohemian Style
Contrary to popular belief, the eclectic style isn’t an “anything goes” situation. Eclectic bedrooms blend a variety of complementary styles, time periods, patterns, colors, and textures. By contrast, the Bohemian style allows for almost anything, although there is a common trend toward natural textures and finishes.

While you won’t find a lot of bedroom sets listed as eclectic or Bohemian, there are some that work well. Choosing a bed set of natural hardwoods like the Willow, Aspenhome, or Glory collections are popular for both eclectic and Bohemian bedroom styles. If you want a truly Bohemian look, choose a natural bedroom set that has been weathered or distressed like some of the bedroom sets in collections from Acme, Abington, and Franco.

The Scandinavian style is simple and streamlined, but cozier than your average minimalistic bedroom. The Nordic style focuses on natural tones and textures, including wood, stone, and textiles like rugs and curtains. The Flynn bedroom collection features a few different options for this style.

Art Deco
Many people find it hard to wrap their heads around the fact that it has been a full century since the roaring 20s. Even after all that time, the art deco style is going strong. Art deco is all about stark contrasts like white on black. The Modern Streamline bedroom collection offers more durability than vintage furniture without sacrificing the look.

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Cottage, country cottage, and chic cottage styles
The cottage style is laid-back and cozy, giving guests a relaxing place to sleep and refresh. All cottage styles focus on comfort and calming influences. Blue bedroom sets are a great way to induce a state of peacefulness, as blue is scientifically proven to make people calm, relaxed, or even happy.

The country cottage style is a blend of cottage and country. Simple farmhouse bedroom sets are a good way to add a little country to your cottage bedroom. One of the best elements for a country cottage is natural textures in things like the blinds, curtains, or rugs.

The chic cottage style is a blending of cottage and chic or glam decors. An online furniture store will have the best options for these bed sets (show details).

Farmhouse, rustic, and country styles
These terms can really be used interchangeably in most cases. This down-home aesthetic is the preferred bedroom decor style of those who long for simpler times. Natural and solid hardwoods generally make up the headboard, footboard, nightstands, and dresser of the bed set, some with a weathered or distressed appearance. Homestyles offers several bedroom sets in rustic and farmhouse styles. Signature Design by Ashley also has some rustic bedroom collections.

You don’t have to live on the beach to enjoy a coastal-style bedroom. Both the coastal and tropical styles are extremely popular right now. With many people still staying home as much as possible, the light and airy feel of a coastal bedroom filled with natural textiles and soft hues of blue and off-white can be the perfect retreat. The two most popular brands for coastal bedroom furniture are Southport and Coastal Living.

No matter how far we advance over the next century, traditional bedroom furniture will continue to be a hot trend. People love the opulence of old-fashioned furniture from or inspired by Medieval bedroom sets. Some might add Victorian to the traditional umbrella, but others lump that era in with the transitional style. Ashley, Coaster, and Acme are popular brands for traditional furniture.

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Contemporary, modern, and mid-modern styles
Some people confuse contemporary with modern or think that they are the same. Contemporary is more fluid than modern, even though it is also minimalistic and streamlined. If you want a guest room only for sleeping, a contemporary bed set is the right choice.

Signature Design by Ashley, Furniture of America, and Acme are the top-selling brands with bedroom collections in the contemporary style, while Modway and Glory offer bed sets in the modern style. Mid-modern refers to mid-20th century (1950-60) decor. Rather than buy vintage pieces that need refurbishing, look at the bed sets from Ashley or Signature Design by Ashley.

Transitional bed sets
The transitional bedroom style is a blending of the traditional and contemporary styles. It can be difficult to find bedroom sets that meet these ideals, and many people end up choosing pieces from multiple collections to get the right look. An online furniture store is your best bet for such eclectic tastes. On the other hand, Signature by Ashley, Acme, and Furniture of America all offer transitional bed sets that remove the guesswork.

Other popular bedroom furniture styles
While not as commonly used, there are many other styles to choose from for your new bedroom set. Other popular styles include:

.Shabby chic
.Modern farmhouse
.French country
.Hollywood regency or luxe

The best way to see all of your options for bedroom sets of various styles is on an online furniture website. Online furniture stores are able to carry a much broader variety of bedroom furniture that will meet or exceed your needs and expectations. You can also get bedroom sets of almost any style, color, or material through online furniture stores.

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