Get tantalized with designer Grey Goose cocktails and couture cabanas at Asilo

Mumbai’s restaurant in the skies, Asilo is giving their cabanas a ‘Couture’ makeover with Grey Goose and four well-established fashion designers in the country. Amit Aggarwal, Nimish Shah, Nishka Lulla and Sonaakshi Raaj have brought with them their inspirations and ideas to design the cabanas, right from the upholstery to the fittings, and worked alongside four of the best Grey Goose cocktails, that are only served at the highest open rooftop restaurant in the city.

Amit Aggarwal’s cabana is modeled after the Grey Goose Golden Delight cocktail, which is the signature drink of the house and the ultimate lux experience, served in a Swarovski studded glass on a mirrored platter with gold dust sprinkled on the drink. Like the drink, Amit’s cabana has a simplistic look with a regular white sofa set and brown furniture, but it’s the golden back curtains and other embellishments that add luster and grandeur to the setting.

Nimish Shah, brought his own classic styling and prints to his Grey Goose Le Fizz cocktail cabana. The cocktail has the floral zing of elder flowers which in no way make an appearance in the cabana. Instead, Nimish has worked with champagne colored upholstery and blinds to give it a very back to basic feel.

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Nishka Lulla in her cabanaNishka Lulla’s pink and blue fairy light cabana speaks of her vibrant and fresh sense of style, which goes well with the Grey Goose citrus and pomegranate Summer Twist. The Cabana is decorated with a bunch of hanging lanterns along with wooden chests, and a ladder, all covered with the fairy lights. The glow from the fairy lights give it a mystical look, like as if one has just stepped into a magical land.

Sonakshi Raaj in her designer cabanaSonaakshi Raaj went down a similar path as Nishka with the fairy lights, but they were kept to a minimum and only in the background. This cabana is framed with a white curtains and a waterfall of what look like white bougainvilleas with hints of purple orchids and pink roses. This cabana is a bit smaller in size but looks give the feel of a private garden area and could be suit couples well. Sonaakshi’s cabana is inspired by the Grey Goose Butterfly Martini which is the classic drink as the name suggests with an added undertone of orange bitters.

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The cabanas act as private areas within the space of Asilo and are ideal for small groups and parties. This particular collaboration adds an interesting twist to the ambience as well as establishes a style statement with uber luxury, hospitality and taste. The burst of color and design was dazzling enough for Asilo to host a private viewing on 8th May for local stars and A-listers.

The cabana designs will stay put until 21st June, 2015 and can be rented out every evening; but make sure the bookings are done in advance because they’re usually always taken.

Address : Palladium Hotel
462, Senapti Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel,
Mumbai – 400013.

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