Giant Premium Bicycles all set to launch in India

Cycling is a great exercise to stay in shape. Well, if we have to cycle our way into fitness, then why not in a luxurious way. Internationally renowned bike maker Giant is all set to bring the world’s fastest bicycle, Propel Advanced SL 0, to India at a sticker price at Rs 10.6 lakh.

Giving a high-end competition to the upcoming Ducati Bicycles, the upcoming Giant bicycle will be imported from Taiwan in a semi-knocked down condition and will be assemble assembled in India by Starkenn Sports, the entity responsible for marketing Giant bicycles in the country. Propel’s frame will be made of carbon fibre, which is commonly used in making Formula 1 racing cars, as well as the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft. A total of 22 gears, along with numerous electronic gear components are responsible for the motion of this bicycle. The measure how fast a bicycle is how much air it can cut and how aerodynamic it is. There is no top speed, but it can do 70 kph and more.

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Giant has stores in Pune and Bengaluru, and will add Delhi and Mumbai this fiscal and Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Chennai by next fiscal. The bicycles are also available online. The premium bicycles market is estimated at roughly 250,000 units per annum, generating an overall turnover of Rs 100 crore.

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[Via – Hindustan-Times]

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