Gold Bag embellished with Tourmalines by Gyan

Gyan Museum in Jaipur houses an impressive collection of over 3000 items including exquisite antique jewellery, silver utensils, rare textiles, miniature paintings, and ancient manuscripts and the largest collection of Hookah mouth pieces in the world.

This gold bag is an unprecedented creative piece from Gyan, made of 550 grams of 18k gold covered in tourmalines measuring up to 865 carats. The exclusive bag costs a whopping INR 35 lakhs.

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Gyan houses an exclusive collection of limited edition pieces that possess unsurpassed excellence and passion.

Blending the past, present and the future, Gyan creates timeless jewellery with a contemporary feel for today’s 21st century women. Their stunning creations are a poetic fusion of time, where old fashioned techniques of a bygone era meet richly detailed conceptualized designs.

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A must visit to this store that has a treasure trove of pieces, artifacts, jewellery and much more.

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