Gucci 2014 ‘Prefall Collection’ is for gorgeous men!

If you are wondering, why is Ranveer Singh sporting floral suit in his appearances, then blame it on Gucci. The new Gucci 2014 ‘Prefall Collection’ is all about looking stunning, the metrosexual way.

The Prefall Collection redefines the leading man’s favorites through proportions that closely follow the lines of the body. Black and white interspersed with crisp primary colors and subtle prints. Unexpectedly, the style is at once radical and tailored. Chromatic contrasts meet the tailor’s iconic fabrics. A series of designs features authentic Casentino – the distinctive textile achieved from Italian weaving techniques. This material defines the Florentine orange peacoat with Gucci crest buttons. For the rebel inside every man, biker jackets and bombers in timeless leather. The new parka becomes short and boxy. Pants are supple and slim, often creased, and alternate with riding styles that open at the ankle and employ equestrian details. Abbreviated hems give way to new shoes with crepe soles.

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The official line is that the collection represents the “Gucci essentials,” the elements of which include sharp hues (fuchsia, brick, bumblebee, azure), controlled volume, amped-up outerwear, and a masculine-feminine mix.

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