Gucci makes Diwali special with ‘The Wishing Tree’, an interactive art installation by Siddharth Chaturvedi

Diwali is only a few days away and while it may be lacking in pomp furor and parties it certainly isn’t lagging in spirit. If you feel like love light and good wishes are amiss from your life even at the most festive time of the Indian year then head straight to the celebratory Gucci stores in the city. The gorgeous setting is hard to miss as the place shines brightly almost synonymous with Diwali itself and is special for various reasons but mostly for the interactive installation, a stylized interpretation of the Kalpavrishka, also known as the wish-fulfilling divine tree standing amidst a symbolic lotus pond. This special installation is known as ‘The Wishing Tree’ is the work of artist and designer Siddharth Chaturvedi that aims to spread a message of positivity and celebration. The tree is absolutely stunning with gold metallic flowers and luminous features, as eye-catching as all the mindboggling merchandise perched on the shelves of the store. We adore the use of handmade paper flowers which bring to mind a message of purity, where love and good wishes are expressed between one another. Keeping up with the glittering milieu and festive vibes are Gucci’s latest offering- sequined Gucci Marmont bags that are exclusively offered in an array of rich colors including gold, silver, black, blue, and soft pink. The stunners come in two sizes, small and mini, and are the perfect partner for celebratory attire bringing a joyful spirit to everyday life. 

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For all those feeling blue about this Diwali not being its usual frolicky festival, Gucci has your happiness taken care of; It’s bringing you a bomb of a bag (pun intended) that shines bright like Diwali diyas making you look like one hell of a cracker! 

Where: G – 11B & 12, Palladium Annexe, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel
Galleria, Hotel Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

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