Here are the four best pre-loved luxury fashion websites

Did you know that the fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter? While typically, the fashion industry has 4 seasons in one year, most fast-fashion giants push us to have twenty of them or more. This way, we expect to find new clothes at stores every two weeks or so, making us dependent on buying more and more.

The only way to decrease the fashion industry’s pollution is simply to buy less or shop at second-hand stores.

Thankfully, pre-owned pieces are not a shameful topic to talk about anymore as people are becoming more conscious about helping the planet we are all living in. Also, if you’re a lover of luxury items, we have great news for you – you’re no longer obligated to shop at those fancy designer stores! There’s no need to buy new ever again; just simply search for the best second-hand luxury fashion sites and click that “buy” button.

Sellier Knightsbridge
If you’re desperately searching for a new Birkin bag for the best price, Sellier Knightsbridge may be your answer. Sellier Knightsbridge is the luxury consignment store that opened not that long ago, in 2020. Sellier’s reputation is worth mentioning – although the retailer is considered a young pioneer, they’ve already managed to become one of the most beloved retailers across the UK. However, don’t wait too long. We’ve heard that those Birkins sold out in minutes!

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Launched in 2009, now Vestiaire is one of the most recognizable second-hand luxury fashion retailers. As the owner of Vestiaire states, his intentions are pretty straightforward – he wishes to raise awareness of the fashion industry’s damage to the environment.

Ten years after the website’s launch, Vestiaire is a proud luxury second-hand shop with more than 7.5 million fashion savvy members in 50 countries worldwide. Thus, if you’re willing to sell or buy some luxury pieces, Vestiaire should be your number one choice.

The RealReal
Based in San Francisco, The RealReal has handled buying and selling transactions on thousands of luxury brand fashion items. The company is widely known for its impeccable customer service and a wide range of clothes that come in all sizes. One of the perks the retailer offers is that professionals authenticate all items before being sold, so you don’t have to worry about the possible dangers of buying some fake designer pieces.

The Luxury Closet
The Luxury Closet was founded in 2011, and its main desire is to create a platform to maintain sustainable shopping. Here you can find a large selection of clothes, bags, and accessories for both women and men.

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If you shop on such websites, you are helping to lower the pollution rate made by the fast fashion industry and still stay fashionable. It is safe to say that this way, you not only save the planet but also can buy some luxury pieces that are way more expensive in the original stores.

Keep in mind while you splurge
However, some dangers should be considered while shopping online. Given that cyber threats are on their biggest rise, you should always be aware of the bad guys who would love to see your credit information and use it for their needs. But don’t you worry – there are ways to protect both yourself and your wallet. For example, you should always use a VPN for your PC or a smartphone, as well as use additional security tools, such as antiviruses.

A VPN will encrypt your whole browsing history, disabling the possibility for hackers to see your personal information. This way, you’ll be sure you’re surfing the net safely and without any threats. What’s more to keep in mind? Use a VPN for other occasions, too; hackers tend to hack you anywhere online!

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