Here’s how we are beating the winter blues with L’Occitane

All year round we complain how hot and humid it is; almost like we just can’t wait for winters to hit us right in the face! Well, it has and we still hear a lot of woes. Let’s be honest winter woes are valid. They make the skin feel very different especially for us in Mumbai who aren’t used to the skin feeling so dry and stretchy.  Instead of calling all your friends and cousins who are living in winter wonderland up north, read on to know what is providing the best solution for skincare this winter. The secret to supple skin this winter is out and we are lusting over the L’Occitane products.

Here’s what we found:

Honey Harvest Ultra Soft Cream- (Rs 1,990 – 100ml)
This one, in particular, had me most interested firstly because of its name. Honey has proven to be the best remedy for dry skin for centuries now. My grandmother always urged me to apply it but it just felt disgusting. I’m glad I found the key ingredient in this ultra-soft cream because it’s exactly that. One swipe of this on your body and hands and you know it’s a sweet savior. The formula is rich combining the best of shea butter and honey. As one would expect, this is not greasy in fact it’s very light, almost melts-in leaving a slight scent of honey. Loved it. 

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Festive Garden Fabulous Oil- (Rs 2,490 – 100ml)
I have always been intrigued by essential oils but never tried one. This was my first experience and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. I am not a fan of the oily, shiny texture but this wasn’t anything like that. The festive garden fabulous oil was quick to absorb, it left behind a slight sheen not the typical shine of oil and for those who like to smell good, and this has a light fragrance too. It’s most definitely the easiest to apply in comparison to greasy body butter.

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The Petit Cleanser Hand Soap- (Rs 700 – 50ml)
I have never come across a product that works both as soap and a moisturizer. The packaging is too cute so you can’t resist buying this. For those who spend their days out and about, this comes as soap in shining bubbles with its qualities of not just cleaning but its softening and protective properties. It’s rich in shea butter so your skin won’t go for a toss even if you’re used to washing your hands often. 

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