Hermes India pays a tribute to ‘The Wonders of Nature Under the Sea’ with an eye catching window display

This year Hermes is celebrating “nature at full gallop”. Through horses, its very first clients, Hermes has a genuine and deep bond with nature, built on inspiration, admiration and respect. The display windows present the ocean in its full glory with the flora and fauna. They bring to life an underwater paradise with its innumerable finned creatures and a kaleidoscope of design and colour.

Hermes India - Windows - July 2016 (1)
Surrounded by the beautiful Hermes products are the vivacious marine species, the swaying seaweed, the vibrant flowers and the diverse sea life creating an underwater wonderland.
Hermes India - Windows - July 2016 (2)
Conceptualized and designed by Rooshad Shroff, the imaginative monsoon display invites you to celebrate nature under the sea.
Hermes India - Windows - July 2016 (3)

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