Hermes presents Fierce and Fragile – Big Cats in the art of Robert Dallet

Hermes, the Parisian luxury house and Panthera, the global cat conservation organization have joined hands to pay homage to the extraordinary talent of the French artist and naturalist, Robert Dallet (1926- 2006). This exhibition celebrates the beauty of the big cats while creating awareness of their existence, forming part of a project to protect them from extinction. Launched at the Bruce Museum, Greenwich, USA, the exhibition has travelled through Milan, Munich, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and will culminate in Mumbai at the Hermes flagship store from December 10, 2016 – January 12, 2017.

Viewers will be treated to a few of the artist’s paintings, drawings and sketches, illustrating the eight big cat species, tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, cougar, snow leopard and clouded leopard. This provides a visual framework for a powerful conservation message and touches on Dallet’s two decade long design collaboration with Hermes.

On the tenth anniversary of Dallet’s death, a travelling exhibition, a book and a generous scarf to support Panthera is made available to a world wide audience to help raise awareness about the precarious existence of wild cats and their environments on a global basis.

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Paintings and drawings of Dallet’s work have been selected both from the EmileHermes collection and the Robert Dallet family private collection.


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