How Function of Beauty is revolutionizing body care

Function of Beauty has become well known over the past five years for its customizable hair care options and all of the different formulations and choices that it provides to customers. Now, the company is doing something different: moving into the body care market. Many people love customizable beauty products, and when they can take a quiz to get just the right thing, that’s even better. Cosmetic chemists then create just the right shampoo based on the results of the customer’s quiz.

Now that Function of Beauty is in the body care market, are its products just as customizable? Fewer customization options exist for the body washes and lotions, but that’s due to the more direct nature of these items. They’re all designed for skin, so fewer aspects need to be customized. Still, a customer can choose from several formulations and options to help them find the body care products that are perfect for their needs.

Function of Beauty still offers a quiz for people to get the kind of benefits that they need from their body care products. People who first used the company’s hair care products often loved them so much that they kept the bottles. After all, they were personalized with the customer’s name and had a very cute style. These new bottles of lotion and body wash will likely have the same effect on those who want to enjoy a spa-like, luxury, and customized experience.

Personalized packaging isn’t the only great thing about the company. While it’s eye catching and makes people smile, it doesn’t matter if the products inside aren’t good. Fortunately, this company doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. The chemists who make these products care about landing on the right formulation for each customer.

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The quiz is simple. It requests the formula name that the customer wants, making it “Function of __.” The following questions are similar to the company’s hair care questions, including choosing the most accurate skin type and preferred fragrance. Customers can also pick which color they like best if they want to focus partially on aesthetics or have the product match their hair care products. The company then uses the information from the quiz to make just the right lotion or body wash option.

Once a customer has ordered a product, the company ships it quickly. According to reviewers who have tried the different formulations, there’s nothing to dislike about any of the options. The colors are nice and light, the fragrance fits with the customization, and the quality of the products is impressive. Not only do these products last a long time, but they also offer a lot of value for the price. One pump of body wash is enough for plenty of great bubbles, and one pump of lotion provides lots of moisture.

The body wash formula contains sunflower seed oil for moisture retention and sugar-beet extract is a great way to get a super-soft feeling that lasts a long time. The lotion contains vegan squalane and argan oil, so it doesn’t take much of it to get a lot of moisture into the skin. That feeling of soft, supple skin lasts, so there’s no need to keep reapplying lotion throughout the day.

The Function of Beauty founders, along with the chemists who make the company’s hair care and body care products, are dedicated to the customer experience and everything that these products are designed to be. In a world of beauty products that often miss the mark, Its products are high quality and provide great value. As part of a self-care routine, they’re excellent choices for a spa-like feel in the shower.

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Even though it’s the products that matter, personalization of the bottles is a small thing that adds up to something big. Feeling like they matter is enough to keep most customers coming back, and the cuteness factor is high as well. Plus, the products work great. Putting all of this together makes it hard to find anything negative to say about this company. The only downside is ordering online and waiting, but shipping is fast and easy.

Creating beauty products may seem like an unlikely thing for MIT grads to do, but engineering and chemical abilities naturally lend themselves to these types of pursuits. Knowing that a cosmetic chemist is carefully making products based on a customer’s designated requirements is valuable, both as a marketing strategy and as something that a lot of people can enjoy and appreciate. Function of Beauty is well positioned to keep growing and expanding its product line in the future.

About Function of Beauty
Headquartered in the Greater New York area, Function of Beauty was founded in 2015 by MIT grads Zahir Dossa and Joshua Maciejewski, along with cosmetic chemist Hien Nguyen. The company creates body care and hair care products tailored to the specific needs and profiles of customers. Original funding came from the founders, followed by friend and family contributions of $100,000. Now that the company is well established in the hair care marketplace, its foray into body care will give it new ways to reach customers and continue to develop more products. Prices for the company’s products remain low due to its strategy of selling online instead of in stores.

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