How To Plan The Perfect Outfit For Every Shoe?

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Shoes are considered to affect your outfit as icing does to cake: it depends on it. If it is a little too bitter or a little too sweet, it can ruin the taste of your cake no matter how tasty it would have been. Similarly, a wrong choice of shoes can dampen your glam no matter how sleek the dress may look on you.

A lot of people would say: How would shoes matter? It’s only at the bottom end of your body. Nobody would take a look at it. We say, screw them. Shoes are as important as the rest of your attire.

Let us help you out in the matter. We will begin this article by giving you five useful tips while deciding on a pair of shoes. It will be followed with the examples of five different shoes and which outfits you will be able to rock them with.

Keep these tips in mind while deciding on the shoes
Neutral is an amazing decision
Sometimes, when you can’t decide which shoe to go for with your dress, go for black. You never go wrong with black. It does not matter if your dress is white, red, or filled with colors, if you pair it with nude, black, or even gray, it will make sure to uphold all the charm that your dress had in store.

A shoe with details and a dress with none
When you are planning to flaunt your sequin shoes, make it certain that you are not wearing too attractive a dress. Remember, you want all the eyes on your feet and not on your ensemble. Therefore, try to put on your simple LBD with a pair of beautifully textured heels.

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Colors and contrast make a competent contender
Many many years ago, some magical person had come up with the idea of the color wheel. Ever since, every designer, stylist, and artist has maintained the holy rule as if it were scripture. If you wear red shoes, navy blue, white, and black dresses are your best shot.

You could get your outfit from The Row clothing and your stilettos from Louboutins’ but the magic will never happen if the logic does not abide by the contrast rule.

Going overboard is not an option
If your dress features a leopard print, don’t run around the market looking for wedges with leopard prints on them. This is not the 80s anymore; overmatching will no longer do you good. In fact, going overboard with patterns or colors was never trendy. It never got any label apart from that of a ‘fantastic fashion fail’.

Simple is the word you are looking for
If your dress has too much design, look for shoes that do not have much to offer. A simple pair of heels or just white sneakers would be the accessory to your gown or sequined shirt.

Which outfits should you pair with these shoes?
We know how picking out the perfect pair of shoes with your ideal outfit can be a daily struggle. Keeping that in mind, we have talked about five must-have shoes and you can incorporate them into your ensemble.

A secret just for you: You can put these five shoes together with any and every outfit in your wardrobe!

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Summer dress? Check!
Jeans and top? Check!

If you have a pair of plain wedges with you, you can wear them with almost any casual outfit. It offers you comfort and style: something very few amongst the family can promise.

There are elevated wedges too today; therefore, it can give you the tall effect of a heel.

Slip Ons
Just going down to the store? You can just slip onto the slip-on. Want to take a stroll along the park, a slip-on would be your perfect companion.

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Though sandals are great company on lazy days, they can also make somewhat of a fashion statement. If you want to be a little decked for your airport ensemble but not put in too much effort, sandals will come in handy.

Especially, when the sandals are black and flat, there is hardly anything you can’t wear with them.

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White Sneakers
What are you even doing if you don’t have a pair of white sneakers in your wardrobe? White shirt with jeans, what better to go with it than white sneakers?

We know that the fashion industry is always changing and evolving into new trends but some classics just remain as classic as they ever were. The perfect example would be blue jeans, a white t-shirt, or a shirt with white sneakers.

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Nude heels
Every person needs a pair of heels on their shoe rack but we are aware that it might be a little financially draining if you try to shop a heel for every color. Instead, you can get yourself a pair of nude heels. We promise you, they will make up for everything.

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