I drove a Rs 10 cr Bentley Mulsanne EWB in Delhi and fell in love with it

“Sir, we have reached,” said the calm tone of the Bentley chauffeur and I was woken up from my temporary lull. Being chauffeured around Delhi’s power corridors and ensconced in the sinful luxury of the Mulsanne EWB, I fell fast asleep. 

With no sound filtering in and the electric sun blinds closing the massive windows along with massage on plus legroom to house the entire NBA basketball team- you couldn’t blame me. I have had my fair share of luxury cars but this is a new level of mollycoddling and a glimpse of how the 0.001 percent of this Earth’s population lives.

The Mulsanne is not for everyone. It is not for those who get box seats at a football game or book a private villa, no, it’s for those who have their private football team and simply own various houses all over the world. They stay in hotels owned by them. The kind who have a ‘private jet or two’. Thus to impress them and for land transportation, there is nothing better than a Mulsanne EWB. 

It’s simply a Mulsanne with the volume turned up. The standard Mulsanne is no shrinking violet but in EWB form, nothing prepares you for the sheer length and presence. At near 19 feet it can teach a thing or two to the German limo’s and then the gleaming paint-job, chrome grille and those beautifully detailed headlamps take your breath away. Then there is its gold Bentley ornament which, as you might guess, does not look out of place.

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 However, the interior is what deserves the biggest mention. There is none of the geekery which seems to be plaguing German luxury cars as it is beautiful, simple and just topped off with breathtaking attention to detail.

No corners are cut and everything is handmade (it takes 4 times longer to build a Mulsanne over a Continental GT) to perfection. The softest leather, metal and the finest veneers layered beautifully. The front is largely irrelevant because the real deal, as said earlier, is the rear seat. 

In EWB form this is the best rear seat. In the world. You have thick carpets to sink you feet in, beautifully wrought tables that come up, entertainment funtions, proper thrones which recline and adjust in ways you can never think plus massage/heating/cooling etc. There is also a fridge to cool your Macallan 64-Year-Old single-malt. Of course. I forgot to mention the frankly stunning 20 speaker (each custom-made) audio system. I can go on and on but I simply would not do justice to what this automobile offers.

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How’s it to drive? Well, owners would most likely deploy a form of autonomous driving i.e. called a chauffeur. Still if you do take the wheel, you would be surprised how this long limo takes off when its 6 3/4 litre V8 is woken up. However, the priority is the comfort and hence it does not rev much plus there is a muted dignified roar.

To criticize this car is to pick a needle in a haystack as the Mulsanne EWB fulfills the role it was built for: being quite simply the most luxurious automobile ever built. Thus its price of near Rs 10 crore, is, largely irrelevant. For the upper crust it is this and only this.


Engine6752cc, V8, Twin-Turbocharged, Petrol
Power512hp at 4000rpm
Torque1020Nm at 1750rpm
Transmission8-speed Torque Converter Auto
0-100kmph5.3 seconds
Top speed296 kmph
City fuel efficiency4 Kmpl
Highway fuel efficiency6 Kmpl
Airbags8 Airbags
SafetyABS, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Brake Assist, Hill Assist, Electronic Stability Program, Tractional Control
Price, (on-road price, Mumbai)Rs 8.99 crore
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