I tried the Dyson Airwrap for 10 days and this is my hair-story…

When Joan Crawford said, “I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.” Did I wonder how many women really take out the time, put in the extra effort, and spend moolah on a bi-weekly basis to get the perfect blow-out or smooth-as-silk hair? Apparently many women do! And not just on hair, but a trip to the nail salon easily costs anywhere between 2k-3k (guilty as charged). So is the Dyson really that expensive for someone who relies heavily on hair-management/ improvement devices? Leaving the price factor out of the picture, and focusing only on the product and its potential it is safe to say the Dyson AirWrap is worth the hype. I tried it for more than 10 days and while the beginning wasn’t giving me hair-raising results (pun intended) once I got to practice with it a few times I could manage beyond decent styling skills in the comfort of my home and in surprisingly little time. The timing also couldn’t be more perfect as with the pandemic looming over our heads, all our styling needs have to be fulfilled at home.

My Dyson AirWrap kit included multi-tool hair stylers like a pre-styling dryer, which is similar to Dyson’s SuperSonic hairdryer, a firm smoothing brush, a soft smoothing brush, and a round volumizing brush in addition to the four AirWrap barrels. All these attachments are beautifully perched in a stunning tan leather-effect storage case that is so strikingly good-looking you would never stow it away in a dark corner of your closet. Even if you are not very dexterous with hair styling tools, the kit when snapped open gives you a sense of confidence. 

Before I reveal my Dyson experience I’d like to share I am a mom to two daughters and my days are already packed with oodles of tantrums to even take it from my hair. Thankfully my straightish hair is easy to tame and certainly behaves better than my children on most occasions. The styling process began with drying my wet hair using the oval-shaped pre-styling dryer. Two things that came to my immediate notice were the apparatus was pretty light to use and did not leave my palms red or arms aching. And secondly, the pre-styling dryer worked pretty much like any other hairdryer and worked on my hair only as deftly as its lesser-priced mainstream counterpart. Moving on with semi-dry hair, my curiosity peaked to venture further and understand the puffery surrounding the device that didn’t do anything unusual for my hair, yet.

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At this stage, there’s nothing the Dyson AirWrap does to impress you but there are more tools in the kitty to try out so without judgment I move to the part where I start using the apparatus that does the actual magic or does it? The soft smoothening brush did nothing much to my hair, it felt like combing with a brush that dispenses air, however, the same cant be said about the firm smoothening brush that did the same work faster and efficiently when combined with the second level heat setting followed by the round volumizing brush. For a quick-fix, it takes very little time but certainly, cannot be compared to salon-style hair. Even at this stage if you would ask me if I would be willing to spend the 45k on a styling device I would’ve said no as nothing out of the ordinary happened to my hair. 

I finally reached the last few attachments and snapped on the magic wand with the biggest of the four AirWrap barrels. I don’t know about the ‘24k magic in the air’ but I did witness ‘45k magic in the hair’! For someone who never achieved curls in her hair using a curling tong, flat iron, and watching numerous Youtube videos to master the art of curling and failing I witnessed absolute magic with minimum effort. It only required me to stand with this in my hand and witness the technology do its part with a simple press of a button. The hair wraps around the barrel thanks to the Coanda effect and you can move the barrel towards your head to encourage the whole strand to curl. As recommended once the curled hair dried I switched the temperature switch up to deliver a ‘cold shot’ to the hair. I did not use any styling product or sprays to see how the Dyson AirWrap manages my hair without any extra help and I wasn’t disappointed. The curls stayed on my hair all day without a setting spray. With no extra effort taken from my side to maintain my curls combined with constantly running around to complete chores, run errands by tying my hair into a top knot, a ponytail, or leaving them loose the laudable quality is the curls surely didn’t leave me. 

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My verdict is– if you like styling your hair on a daily basis and love experimenting with curls and voluminous blowouts, this is a must-have device for you and is worth the money. Do the math and you will know its equal to the cost of a few trips you make to the salon rather regularly. For someone who simply wants to use this to dry your hair, your money can be spent elsewhere; you can manage your hair care just fine without the Dyson AirWrap. For the person who spends forever drying and curling your hair every morning, Dyson AirWrap is your new best friend.

The Dyson Airwrap styler starts at Rs 36,900 and is available on Dyson India.

Note – The review unit was provided by Dyson India but all the opinions expressed herewith are my own.

The luxe factor is:

10 Built quality
10 Ease of use
8 Results
5 Value for money
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