Indian businessman coughs up $9 million for unique license plate in Dubai

An Indian businessman, Balwinder Sahani paid a whopping $9 million to buy a single digit car registration plate in the desert kingdom, adding another coveted number plate to his collection. He bought the number plate “D5” for 33 million dirhams at the Road and Transport Authority’s number plate auction on Saturday for his Rolls Royce. This particular number generated great interest among the participants with the bid starting at 20 million. There were eighty number plates that went under the hammer at Saturday’s auction in Dubai. These auctions create a lot of interest as in the UAE, a shorter number is a status symbol coveted by the wealthy.

Sahani, also known as Abu Sabah, is the owner of RSG International, a property management company with interests in the UAE, Kuwait, India and the US.

Sahani has collected 10 number plates so far and looks forward to collecting more of them.

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There are people in this world who make purchases that seem frivolous and one wonders how much good could have been done with this amount.

[ Via : Independent ]

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