The Indian wearables startup that will have you shining like Claire Danes

The best place to see celebrities decked up in the weirdest and most expensive fashion, would be the Met Gala. Every spring, designers and Hollywood personalities get together and celebrate couture fashion, which often results in people getting dressed up is bizarre outfits.

This year’s theme was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” which basically gave us variations on the theme of ‘robot’ – everything from droid- armed Kanye West to Beyonce who was in a shiny, rubbery outfit.

Zac Posen had a brilliant idea, sending Homeland star Claire Danes to the red carpet in what looked like a conventional gown. When the lights were turned off Claire’s gown lit up and gave a shimmering effect with every move she made. The dress’s fiber optic LED designs took over and gave the glow in the dark effect.

You don’t have to be on the red carpet to indulge in this , you can illuminate your closet with a t-shirt developed by Hyderabad based company Broadcast Wearables. The t-shirt has LED panels on the front or back depending on your preference. The prints are programmable via a free smartphone app, which means that it is possible to program and what you are wearing all day long. You can draw your design or animation in on the app with your finger and wear it. You also have the option to join the app’s community where people upload their designs for others to find and wear.

The shirt is available in round neck or collared styles in 15 different colours but they believe there are numerous other colours possible as long as the are not grey or white.

The sizes vary from XS to XXXXL as well as children’s sizes. They recommend washing by hand or dry cleaning and it has a rechargeable battery on the back left. The shirt has to be charged every four hours and it takes about two hours for it to charge up, so you might have to make your way around having to plug yourself in!

The shirt will be priced between US $49-69 and the company has been doing live streams on its You Tube channel to show how the shirt designs can be changed.

So, hurry up and order your t-shirt that will have to shining and dazzling like a Star Trek Borg.

[ Via : Techinasia ]