Indulge: Bulgari’s ‘Goldea The Roman Night’ perfume is inspired by a Roman goddess

Bulgari’s latest fragrance to hit the shelves has undoubtedly caught our attention. And here’s why; it’s bold name certainly sends out some mysterious vibes. Goldea The Roman Night as it is called resonates purity and opacity and certainly has us feeling festive and vivacious.

The most recent addition to the Bulgari fragrance portfolio entails such intriguing floral moss notes coupled with notes of blackberry, woody wrapping notes and a bright and inebriating waterfall of jasmine, peony and tuberous.

Tree Morillas, the master perfumer, says this: “I was fascinated by the idea of a mysterious goddess of the night reigning over Rome, the eternal city. I created Goldea The Roman Night in her image. Charismatic, fascinating and seductive, spreads its irresistible aura through a golden elixir of white flowers that drank their powerful scent at dusk. ”

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Another member of the Goldea family, Rose Goldea is a real dazzling, bold and voluptuous jewel that embodies the feminine beauty.

Goldea The Roman Night is a black curvaceous bottle topped with a translucent golden top and is available at leading stores with prices starting at Rs 3200 for a 30 ml bottle.

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