We indulge in a kiwi soaked afternoon at the Sofitel BKC

Sofitel Mumbai BKC in association with Zespri International, the world’s largest kiwifruit marketer, delights patrons all week until the 23rd June with the new SunGold Kiwifruit, that has been recently introduced in the city. Infusing this exquisite golden fruit in all its outlets, the talented Sofitel chefs, Indrajit Saha and Prakash Lopes have designed a special menu and we got a chance to preview the same.

The occasion was graced by Mr Gavin Young, Consul General-New Zealand Consulate. The experience started with us learning how to prepare a few hand-picked recipes using the fruit. These preparations, namely the Kiwi Bruschetta and the Kiwi Tam salad were demonstrated by Chef Prakash Lopes, and the mocktail Kiwi Cooler and cocktail Kiwi Mania were demonstrated by mixologist Elvis D’Souza. All this, while I was sipping on a kiwi cooler and sampling the golden fruit!

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In all likelihood, the Kiwifruit that you must’ve devoured so far would have been a Zespri produce as it enjoys a steady monopoly in the market. As compared to the tangy green fruit, SunGold has a sweeter and smoother taste. Not just that, it’s packed with ‘zes’ty nutrients making it a healthier option for all ages.

And you thought Kiwi was just another boring green fruit?! Think again, cos that’s just what I did when I sampled the myriad of Kiwi fruit-based preparations. Never would you have thought that this tropical fruit teams up so well with just about everything. Be it a bruschetta, or salad, or sandwich, or a burger, or the expected dessert combination, this fruit doesn’t fail to impress. It just adds that extra gusto to every preparation on the menu. Fancy a cocktail? Oh, please add Kiwi to it, bartender! Use it to make a mocktail, and trust me you, nothing is as refreshing as the Kiwi fruit in the liquid potion. I still can’t pick that one favourite over the other. Kudos to the Sofitel chefs, for designing such delish combinations with the green and golden fruit. Atleast I never thought it would be possible to create such a diverse delectable menu.

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The gastronomic celebration features an intriguing Kiwi roll (SunGold Kiwi, Carrot, Glass noodle in spiced Fish Sauce or Honey Pepper Soya Sauce), a delicious Kiwi Bruschetta (Garlic brushed, Kiwi, Avocado and Chilies), a scrumptious Kiwi Quinoa Salad (healthy salad with Quinoa, Kiwi, Celery, Tahina, Tomato and Spring Onion), a zesty Kiwi Roesti (Sweet Potato, Shitake and Carrot, Leek, Mushroom and Kiwi Ragout) and more.

However, it was the inviting display of the preparations that instantly wooed my heart. I relished the three preparations, namely Zespri Kiwi Fruit Tam, Zespri Kiwi Fruit with Tomato Sandwich and Zespri Kiwi Fruit Linzer Torte. The salad had a distinct tangy kiwi and raw papaya flavour to it. The sandwich on the other hand was wholesome, a tad juicy and light on the tummy with very few ingredients such as the tomato, kiwi, lettuce, butter and/or mayonnaise. The dessert, which I always look forward to, was simple and sweet, although I would’ve added a few more slices of the fruit to mask the cinnamon flavour. The salad was a burst of tanginess whereas the sandwich was soothing to my palate, and further the torte was the perfect sweetening after-taste that lingers on.

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All in all, it was a meal that I’d like to explore cooking in my kitchen on a breezy Sunday afternoon. And I think with the cookbook by famous Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Turban Tadka, of Namak Shamak fame, the cute apron and a sample of the fruit graciously given to me by the hotel, I just might actually get down to doing this.

I would recommend paying a visit to Sofitel while the fruit stays in limelight! Totally worth it!!

Meal (For Two)
Zespri Kiwi Fruit Tam – Rs 450
Zespri Kiwi Fruit with Tomato Sandwich – Rs 650
Zespri Kiwi Fruit Linzer Torte – Rs 350
(Prices exclusive of VAT, Government Tax as applicable, plus service charge)

Address :
Le Bar Diamantaire, Sofitel
C-57, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai 400 051
Tel: +91 22 6117 5000

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