Is There A Link Between Philanthropy And Activism?

In 2020, many people are being seen as activists as they strive to change the world that we live in. However, more recently, there have been discussions surrounding the link between activism and philanthropy. With philanthropists around the world offering their financial support to good causes, this link gets even stronger. Below, we are going to look at philanthropy and activism in more detail and how this works. Read on to find out more.

What Is The Difference?
If you are unfamiliar with philanthropy as a concept, you should know that it is known as the desire to promote the welfare of others. This is typically expressed through the generous donation of money to any good causes that they feel a connection with. Many philanthropists have helped communities in need and other important causes over the years. 

In comparison, activism is typically seen as an action or a policy that involves captaining for change. This change is usually either social or political, depending on the topic and the action that is taken. Activists have played major roles in life-changing events such as ending dictatorships and standing up to racism.

How Are They Linked?
For many activists, getting the result that they hope to achieve is their main priority in life. However, many cannot afford to fund their activist lifestyle as it requires a lot of dedication and in some cases, funding. This issue has led to many activists having to move on and challenge something new due to lack of funding.

The link that can be found between these two concepts is through this funding. For example, if a philanthropist were to believe in a certain cause, they could support the activist group with their funding. London-based philanthropist Tej Kohli is a great example of someone who is using philanthropy and activism to change lives. Without funding, many people around the world wouldn’t have the opportunities that they now have. 

The Future Of This Partnership
We have already seen some great examples of philanthropists helping activists who need funding to achieve their goals, however, this is only the beginning. We expect many more activist groups in the future to reach out to philanthropists for the help that they need. 

This is something that could also work both ways as philanthropists don’t always have time to work on the change, as they are busy with their current roles.

Final Verdict
You may not have ever thought about the link between activism and philanthropy before but this is something that is very common. Many people have benefited from this and it won’t be long before this becomes the norm. Sure, philanthropists typically like to offer their support to good causes and those in need but if they believe in something, they can fund change.

Make sure to keep an eye on some of the wealthiest philanthropists and their giving next year. You could see something big change before you know it. 

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