IT certifications From ExamSnap and 3 Top IT Certifications in 2018

Whether you are a student or any professional working in the IT industry for a long time, you need to keep yourself updated about latest technologies. One of the best ways to do so is to opt for IT certifications from ExamSnap A+ Practice Test Dumps. These certifications are designed not only to test your expertise on a particular IT system network but also to help you understand the changes introduced in the IT field. Nevertheless, choosing any IT certification is not considered prudent. You are advised to choose the top IT certifications so that it helps you grow in your career in a better way.

Scroll down to learn more about IT certifications, its importance and the top 3 IT certifications that can help you earn most in 2018.

What is IT certification?
In order to claim that you have the skills and knowledge to work on a particular platform or IT technology, you need to produce some proof. Your experience in the industry is just one part of it, but an employer will believe that you have complete knowledge about a particular network system only when you have certificates with international validation. IT certifications can help you with this. These are designed in such a way that in order to prove your skills in a particular platform, you need to pass certain exams. Once you pass these exams, you become certified that claims your knowledge and expertise in the IT field.

These certifications are of different levels. Initially, you need to acquire entry-level certifications and later on you can move to expert and other highest level IT certifications. Sometimes to attain a specific IT certification, you need to pass one exam, while in some others you need to pass many exams. For instance, in order to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certified, you need to pass five exams. The first three exams will offer you the certification of Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), the last two will let you attain the MCSE certification, which is an expert-level certification.

Why it’s important to get IT-certified?
IT certifications unveil to your innumerable benefits. Here, some of the important ones have been discussed:

Boosts your career
In order to enhance your market value, you need to choose IT certifications. It boosts your career by helping you receive a handsome salary package. The employers give importance to these certifications. Hence, when you become certified then they give value to your working experience and are ready to pay you a good salary hike. Even for a fresher, if you are certified then the chances of getting better remuneration are higher.

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Enhances your knowledge
It is not easy to become certified in the IT industry, as the IT certifications exams are difficult to crack. In order to pass these exams, you need to do a lot of self-study, solve practice sets and take IT training courses. These things improve your skills and knowledge on a particular platform.

Keeps you updated
The IT certifications keep changing with time. Most of the vendors of IT certifications keep revising these certifications and retiring the old ones. When you choose an IT certification, then you learn new things about your field. This way you remain updated with the latest techniques and tools applied to the platform which you are using in the IT industry.
There are many more benefits, but now it is the time to have a look at the top IT certifications in 2018.

Top 3 IT certifications nowadays
IT certifications are always in demand in the mainstream IT industry. Nevertheless, all certifications are not given the same importance and you do not receive the same salary hike with all types of IT certifications. On the basis of the salary paid for the certifications, here top 3 IT certifications have been discussed:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
Amazon Web Service offers you many certifications, but the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate offers you the highest salary currently in the IT industry. This certification exam assesses your skills and understanding of designing and deploying systems on Amazon Web Service, which is not only scalable but also fault-tolerant. It also analyzes your knowledge in the Ingress and egress of data and how to use architectural best practices of AWS and many other things.

Currently, two versions of this exam are available – new version released on February 2018 and old version which is retiring by August 12, 2018. Both the exams will carry multiple-choice questions (MCQs), but the duration varies. The new version will have 65 MCQs that you need to solve in 130 minutes, whereas the old version has 55 MCQs that you need to solve in 80 minutes. However, the languages available for both the exams are same – English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. The prices of both the exams are also the same 150 USD.

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Project Management Professional (PMP)
The other highest paying IT certification that you can opt for is Project Management Professional (PMP). The cost of the exam for the members are 405 USD and for non-members, it is 555 USD. Here, you can take the exam if you have a Secondary degree in addition to leading and directing projects for about 7,500 hours and project management education of 35 hours. You may also take the exam if you have a Four-year degree apart from leading and directing projects for 4,500 hours and project management education of 35 hours. The PMP certification exam demonstrates your skills in managing the budget and team of projects. Here you will have to answer 200 MCQs within four hours and in order to maintain the validity of this certification, after every three years you need to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs).

AWS Certified Developer – Associate
This is the other highest paying IT certifications, which is meant for developers who have proficiency in at least one high-level programming language apart from the expertise in developing cloud-based applications and debugging it by using Amazon Web Service. There are two versions of this exam available currently – new and old. The new one has been introduced in June 2018, while the old one will be retiring by November 19, 2018. There will be 65 MCQs in the new version that you need to solve within 130 minutes, while there are 55 MCQs that you need to complete within 80 minutes. The available languages for the new version are English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, whereas in the old version the Korean language is missing. The exam fee for both the versions is 150 USD each.

If you are an IT professional or an IT student who wants to rise in his or her career in the IT field, then you must take IT certifications seriously. The top 3 certifications discussed here can help you earn the highest salary in 2018 in the IT industry. In order to prepare for these IT certification exams, you may look for ExamSnap. This is the place where you can get IT tutorials, exam dumps, and other necessary help.

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