Fiery Passion – An exquisite collection of fine diamonds, lustrous pearls and gemstones by Minawala

Minawala, the well known precious jewellery brand is back with a stunning collection of handpicked jewels called Fiery Passion. The collection has the most breathtaking designs of beautifully cut gemstones that give it an exceptional look. The classic collection offers a wide array of fine jewellery including pendants, sleek bracelets earrings and rings.

jewellery collection by Minawala (2)
Each flawless stone is painstakingly chosen and delicately designed so as to capture the essence of sophistication. These are then crafted in diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds and various precious stones to give them a spectacular look. Taking inspiration from the numerous hues of nature, the pieces designed to best suit their metal type, be it white, yellow or pink gold.
jewellery collection by Minawala (3)

jewellery collection by Minawala (4)