Jo Malone’s limited-edition Honeysuckle & Davana makes an enchanting debut this September

Our beloved British perfumer Jo Malone has unveiled a sunny limited-edition fragrance – Honeysuckle & Davana. Walking on the path of fresh and fruity fragrances, the fragrance is bottled in two sizes – 30 ml and 100 ml. To add some glamour, Jo Malone has curated a candle in the same fragrance making it the ultimate gift for admirers of the brand.

A fleeting spray of the perfume and one will be enveloped in notes of rose, honeysuckle and the welcoming smell of davana. Warmed by sunshine, Davana is a green plant with hints of liquorice that brings vibrancy to the fragrance and a touch of a fruity note. English honeysuckle brings a rich aromatic character to the heart of the fragrance, while moss cushions the base of the fragrance in earthy, woody warmth.

Priced at INR 4,400 for 30 ml and INR 8,800 for 100 ml, the charming fragrance will be launched this month throwing fans in frenzy.

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