Jolie’s is set to be Mumbai’s more youthful and exclusive club

As the average age of well-to-do Indians continues to fall, the young and successful are increasingly seeking sanctuaries for their clique. And most of the clubs, especially in a city like Mumbai, seem far too old-fashioned to quench their appetites. For such, has sprouted up a sanctuary of revelry and reflection – Jolie’s, by Aditya Birla New Age. Located at Birla Centurion, the 20,000 square feet area dedicated to the club endeavors to create unique experiences for its member, the kind that has never been heard of before, in this fashionably opulent city.

The expansive outdoor section has a mini golf course.

Jolie’s has been founded on the principles of progressiveness and immersive revelry, which seem quite attractive for a club. A unique characteristic of the club is the nine exclusive spaces for art, entertainment, music, cultural events, and grub. Each of these is themed spectacularly and can create a variety of experiences for members and guests, within its confines. The first zone is called Tickle, a casual catch-up area where you build up an appetite for your meal as well as great conversation. It offers small deli-style meals and craft beers. This extends to a more elaborate setting in The Seen, which can be reserved for private parties and cultural shows. The ambiance and the infrastructure of the venue are good enough to host a theatrical performance or to have a band play for a restricted set of audiences. Both of these zones reflect youthfulness and a breakaway from the standard club format that has prevailed for the finer circles within the city.

Each of the sections has its own themed pop-art.

For an international fair, patrons can settle at Bread & Bacchus, which is inspired by European customs. This is reflected in the private dining space, artistic interiors that are a throwback to the renaissance era, and an irresistible wine bar. Upping the art deco is The Big Top, which is specifically designed with areas for a party. It’s where you come in after being granted that venture capitalist funding and want to create a moment to celebrate with your team. It’s young, contemporary, and adorned with ample pop colors in the décor.

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If conversations are what you’re here for, then Jolie’s offers you a wonderful open-air experience at The Canary’s Campus. The sunken outdoor lounge is a wonderful portion of the club where you immerse yourself in the beauty of the trees and indulge in some mini-golf while you’re at it. For the less serious conversations, there is Cabal, a hidden bar, a plush lounging paradise that is straight out of a gangster movie. And finally, and most attractively so, is Lumos, the club’s business center that is more than just about work and workspaces. It is spaciously laid out with long tables, work desks, and recreational areas.

Each of the zones attracts not just different audiences, but also those who set out for a relaxing evening, without an agenda. Your mood seems to direct you to just where you need to be. As the maiden entrepreneurial venture of Aryaman Birla, son of industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla, the chairman of the Aditya Birla Group. it seems to have its heart at the right place. The invitation-only experience ups its exclusivity. It’s for the cigar lounge-seeker and the bar-counter conversationalist. The workaholic and the unwinder. Being pet-friendly gives it a unique and contemporary touch.

Presently, the club is accepting only select memberships. It aims to populate its ranks with achievers, artists, thinkers, industrialists, and entrepreneurs, at first. It can be considered to be Mumbai’s response to New York’s The Core Club. As the world opens up, gradually, to social interactions, normalized handshakes, and unmasked smiles, many would seek out a safe and hygienic refuge to rekindle their social intercourses. Being situated at the heart of the city’s business nucleus, it looks to be a promising prospect from here.

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Jolie’s prides itself on the art within and around the entire club. The art within the club isn’t only intended for décor purposes, but to also give each area its own personality. The club has handpicked designers from Designer – a platform for emerging artists and an incubator for creators. On their part, Designera ensures that the artists have all the tools to create their magic in the domains that they have been assigned. “From contemporary art installation and sculptures to paintings, giclee prints, and our exclusive olfactory art: scentorial art, the art in Jolie’s aims to spark conversations amongst art lovers. Several contemporary and pop art pieces find a home at this member-only club but each defies the molds of conventional art,” states the company.

The future seems set to shape itself around the fancies of a younger demographic. Experiences like those provided by Jolie’s are expected to be more prevalent in and around metro cities. It’s here that the incubation of future ideas, innovations, and affiliations shall be forged and it’s here that they shall be celebrated.

Jolie’s is set to open by the end of October at Birla Centurion, Worli, Mumbai.

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