Kerastase Ritual at the Vivanta by Taj salon that I experienced

The salon at the Vivanta by Taj is well known for their state of the art services, elegance and their ability to offer the finest salon experience to their clients. Constantly exploring new avenues and different treatments the salon at the Vivanta by Taj now offers the Kerastase treatments and their wide range of high end products.

Kerastase is a French based company in Paris which uses flower extracts, essential oils and natural products to make their products. A well known brand, Kerastase is taking no chance with their name or products. The stylists had to attend a five day workshop to get introduced and accustomed to the products and their uses after which they had to appear for a practical and theory exam. It is only after the successful passing of the exam that Kerastase allows the salon to keep their products and carry out the treatments. There are only about 48-50 salons in Mumbai that carry the Kerastase products which are quite expensive, of a high quality and require proper guidance for its usage.
Retail Boutique @ Salon Vivanta by Taj President
The Vivanta by Taj salon offered to carry out a complimentary Kerastse ritual which I quite gladly accepted. I was greeted at the salon with warm smiles and immediately led in and made to settle down for the treatment. Rahim, my stylist started off by first studying my hair and asking about all the products I used. He then used a special camera called the K camera that zooms into the hair and scalp and magnifies it to about 200-1000 times to determine the hair and scalp condition. After going through the images Rahim gave his suggestions about the kind of treatment required for my hair and I must say that his diagnosis about my hair was quite spot on.
Product Shot
The treatment started off with a shampoo and application of a conditioner, after which a spray conditioner called Fusio dose was applied to my hair and left on for about 10 minutes. All through the treatment I had Rahim talking to me and explaining the various products that I could use for my hair and how to use them. I was left with my head spinning with all the information he gave me and I wondered how he managed to cater to all his clients each one with different hair types and hence different requirements. This just shows the level of expertise of the stylists at the Vivanta. This was followed by the application of a mask which does the job of conditioning the hair. He applied it with a brush and then basically ran his fingers through the hair to make sure it was evenly applied. He explained that Kerastase discouraged the use of the comb as it tends to break the hair so they use more of the hands to condition the hair. He spoke of the different techniques of applying the products to the hair and he almost reminded me of an artist with his canvas! This was followed by a 5-6 minute cold mist treatment that helped to add texture to the hair and also allows the mask to penetrate into the hair and condition it. They avoid using steam as it is believed to damage the hair.
Backwash ritual
With a quick rinse after this and a blow dry, Rahim applied some hair perfume – “just for the fragrance “ he said and proudly presented my hair for me to see.
Vivanta by Taj President Salon
I guess the smile on my face said it all as I looked at my hair looking shinier and voluminous and feeling softer and silkier. Walking out of the salon I was handed a little goodie bag with small bottles of the products used saying “ something to continue the pampering “. It was truly a lovely experience of being pampered and at the same time being advised on the products and treatments that would be good for me.
The treatment lasted for about an hour and depending on the length of your hair and the treatment they suggest could be in the range of INR 2000-4000.

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