Why People Are Interested In Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are beautiful and are adored by men and women alike. However, there are a few things that make people think twice before purchasing one. The primary concern is cost followed by the ethical concerns surrounding the mined diamond industry. If you happen to be shopping for engagement rings and are worried about the investment, here is some good news for you.

Lab-grown diamonds are real and as beautiful as mined ones. Scientists have developed new and exciting ways to produce diamonds. There are many reasons why people are more interested in lab-grown ones than their mined counterparts. Those who do not know much about lab-created diamonds might be skeptical about the quality. But lab-grown diamonds come with a certification just like those mined from the earth.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Easy On Your Wallet
There is no difference to the naked eye between one procured from the ground and those formed in a lab. But when it comes to the price, lab-grown diamonds are 20-40% less expensive. You can stay true to your budget while perusing a wider range of diamonds, or just opt to get a larger stone.

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Therefore, you do not have to buy a ring just because it fits your budget. All engagement rings are special, and you want to choose one as unique as your bond. You can make the moment memorable without having to stress about money. Alternatively, you can use your savings for your dream wedding, starter home, or a magical honeymoon.

Lab Diamonds Are More Ethical
Not just the quality or beauty of the diamond but the story behind procuring it is also important. Mining for diamonds creates great havoc on the earth by destroying ecosystems and natural habitats while replacing them with giant holes. Moreover, it causes soil erosion, ruins the quality of the land, and so much more. Mined diamonds take millions of years to form and, therefore, are not easily renewable.

But lab diamonds are much faster to make and cause less havoc on the planet. Since these diamonds are from labs, there is no environmental disturbance in the process of procuring them. Hence, it is a better purchase given that you save money and can sleep well knowing you made an ethical choice. Also, mining is a dangerous practice for those involved in the work. There are many instances of abusive labor practices involving women and children. Despite efforts of the mined diamond industry to shape up, you will still want to consider a lab-grown diamond if you want to make sure you get an ethical diamond.

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They Look and Feel the Same
Lab diamonds are also crystallized carbon and hence are no different from natural stones. Moreover, they look identical and feel the same, and there is no difference in their shine. Thus, if you are not aware that they are lab-grown, you will not spot any difference.

Hence, a perfect choice to get your partner the engagement ring they always dreamed of. To Sum It Up By choosing these man-made diamonds, you are making an ethical and economical choice. At the same time, you are not compromising the quality and value.

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